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Palm Springs Engagement Photo Ideas by Emma Hopp

If you are one to dodge a camera then anticipating your engagement photos can seem discouraging. Unless you are used to the spotlight taking engagement photos can feel a little awkward at first, but that's normal! That's why your photographer choice is super important. You need someone who can loosen you up, make you laugh a little, and encourage you. Sweet Emma Hopp did just that for Austin and I. So we came up with a few tips for coordinating and enjoying the moment.

1. Outfit planning. Give yourself some different options. Plan your outfits together and ahead of time so that you know exactly what to wear and where. Maybe pick a casual outfit for some, and a dressier look for the rest. P.S. Don't forget your pants, fellas. Austin forgot his pants, but fortunately was able to borrow a pair of my brothers. 😂  Thanks Diego.

2. Pick a spot that means something to you. Austin and I have frequented the Ace hotel in Palm Springs every year since we started dating. We have had a ton of late nights laughing and talking around the property. We also go to the desert a lot to visit family. So choosing these spots as our photo destination made it feel a little more effortless, put us both in our element you could say.

3. Props! Although we did not include props, Emma had made a great suggestion that if we wanted to pop a bottle of champagne, or set up some sort of vignette we could incorporate that. So if you and your lover are big on having picnics, setting up a cute blanket, a lantern, and snacks could go really well.

Her outfit choices:

Green Floral Dress: Kimchi Blue Ruffle Midi Wrap Dress

Black Floral Dress: First Kiss Dress from Free People (it's no longer available, but of course Free People has a ton of maxi dress options)

Shoes:  Free People Walk This Way Clog (also sold out, but there are more clog options available).

Lipstick: True Nude Lip Foundation from Buxom, Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick in Chula.

His outfit choices:

Chambray button up: That'll do Oxfort Shirt

Long Sleeve button up in Maroon (we can't remember where it's from).

Levi's Denim in black

Shoes: Doc Martens - 1461 Crazy Horse

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