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13 of the Best Escort Card Displays We’ve Seen Lately

Instagram scrolling is seriously like crack to me, I can spend hours double-tapping pretty things and I don’t get bored. Really. But every so often, I see something that completely blows my mind, and one ❤️

just isn’t enough. Case and point, anythinggggg that @cecinewyork has a part in is beyond magic. And when I saw she posted about “Place chairs are the new place cards! with a stunning shot of hand calligraphed lucite chairs, I was 🤯🤯🤯. So amazing, I just can’t.

Truthfully, regular place cards and simple escort tables are just bleh right now, it’s all about statement situations. And I tried SOOO hard to do that for my wedding in 2014, but failed miserably. Our idea was to have all of our guests’ names on puzzle pieces, and then whenever all the tablemates were together, they’d put the puzzle together and it’d be a photo of myself and my hubby at some point in our relationship. It was an adorable idea in theory, but didn’t work out whatsoever. First, because we had to order the pieces from a seemingly shady website, and then because once the sample set arrived (literally 4 weeks later, my God), all of the names were haphazardly printed, cut off in certain places. Twas a hot mess, plain and simple.

We ended up defaulting to run of the mill printed place cards, and yes, they were pretty and matched our vibe. But they were beyond basic. No calligraphy, no fun illustrations or wedding sketches, nothing fun. Just functional. So, since then, I’ve had escort card display FOMO in the worst way. And Insta just makes it easy for me to stalk and satisfy my creative-artistic appetite.

Plus, the real weddings we feature here help a girl out too… Jesi Haack nailed it with the rad escort card display she dreamed up for this raging-yet-classy wedding.

From calligraphy-perfected prickly pear place cards, to the sweetest, most whimsical butterfly designs, we are LOVING these new ideas. Nothing’s off the table anymore…. Well except maybe the table itself 😉

Check out some of our favorites!

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