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12 More Times Sisters Shined In Show Me Your Mumu

Show Me Your Mumu Tropical Drink Suit See Post:

I will be the first to say that summer is my favorite AND least favorite season for fashion. Favorite - for maxis, off-the-shoulder tops, and sandals (sandals, sandals, and more sandals). Least favorite - for one reason: swimsuits. Some would say I’m porcelain, I say I’m pasty. Others would say I’m well-endowed up top, I say my boobs are way beyond. Neither of which looks 👌in swim wear. So, usually, I just stalk TF out of Victoria’s Secret, obsess over the cutest suits, but never actually buy the stuff that I haphazardly add to my cart. I fail. But after realizing that one of our most-adored brands, Show Me Your Mumu, had some of the most ADORABLE water wear ever, I think I might actually take the plunge from cart abandoner to cart pursuer.

Show Me Your Mumu Swim Guide See Post: @showmeyourmumu

Why's it so great?

Ummm… lots of reasons, but I’ll start with the most obvious. These suits are SO GOOD for everyone. Whether you’re itsy bitsy-teeny weeny or usually not-so-much-for-the-bikini, you can get down with these, because they’re bangin’ for all body types ☝️Boom - what a good-looking group of chicas. Available in sizes XS thru XL, the looks are amazing, cheeky, colorful, super-feminine and a whole lotta fun. And many of them have built-in sculpting and slendering specs that give their wearers all of the confidence. From waist-belted vintage one-piece styles to two-piece pairings that flatter the booty, cover up any trouble areas (🙌 high-waisted life is the best life when you’ve got a C-section scar that you’re straight-up proud of but don’t always wanna show off), and slim+skim the hips and tummy. And for the tatas, so many of the tops come with a supportive hidden shelf bra underneath, so you’ll be perky all day errryday.

Show Me Your Mumu Swim See Post:

Not to mention, we’re obsessed with all the colorways, summer sass (4th of July Americana dreams, tropical drinks, and fruity prints FTW), and hot pop culture references these suits come in/with. Who wouldn’t slay in #vacayeveryday?

Show Me Your Mumu 4th of July Shop See Post:

This is not a sponsored post, we just really had to put these beauties on your radar. Summer hasn’t even officially started yet, there’s still lots of ☀️👙💦 coming your way, so you might as well look good AND have a reason to love the season. We do monetize our site, though. So, if you follow a link and make a purchase, Wedding Chicks may receive a commission. Click through to see some babes rockin’ these swimsuits IRL - we can promise you you’re going to flip. And might want to order a whole bunch for every single girls’ trip or bach you have planned this summer, and every type of fantasy/foodie float you’ve bought (quite a few of these would look phenom on my blow up unicorn).

And also. They’ve got a Barbie collab happening RN. In case you needed another reason to 💕 'em. The Skipper Stripe is seriously giving me so much life.

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