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12 Genius Groomsmen Gifts Your Guy Can Get from Amazon

Okay, so yah, we talk a lot about female stuff over here. What girls like, what we definitely DON’T like, all the things, really. But every once and a while we like to give the guys some love. Since we’re heading straight into wedding season, we thought it’d be a great time to give some groomsmen gift pointers...all to help out the notoriously bad gift-giving gender (sorry boys, but #notsorry, you are).

It’s funny, because just a few months ago we were having dinner with my sister and soon-to-be brother-in-law, and my sister turned and asked her fiancé what he thought about giving his guys - all 11 of them - for a groomsmen gift. He responded with “is that a thing?” And we all collectively shrugged. Yep, it’s a thing. Just as important as the bride gifting her girl squad for their roles in the wedding. I had to give my two cents, because I’ve watched my own husband get flask after flask after flask for the weddings he’s been in. And whether he decides to take my advice or not, completely his preference, I just thought it was time to put the flask to bed. Over it.

Of course, any vessel for toting around booze is a no-brainer, and well appreciated, but there are so many cooler items that grooms can gift with these days. Etsy is a great place to go, especially if they can shop alongside their partner, but if we’re going to stereotype, guys might need something quicker. Still cool, but quicker. You know, for when you’ve already received your ladies’ gifts, wrapped them up, and written them their notes, and he has yet to start Googling guys’ buys.

So, we took a sec to scout out 10 Genius Groomsmen Gifts Your Guy Can Get from Amazon (not just good for the sex toys), and they all qualify for Prime, so if your wedding is happening this weekend, or next, you’ll have things in ASAP. Two-day delivery FTW.

And if your groom group hasn’t been chosen yet, or still needs to get their ensem all worked out, make sure you and your S.O. check out Generation Tux for tailored suit and tux rentals. We also happen to have a pretty sweet [free] printable, if you need one. Who says guys can’t be sappy too?

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