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11 Bachelorette Gifts from Etsy for Your Foodie Friend

I’m a big fan of the millennial bachelorette party - which is usually a next-level, destination affair fueled by fun drinks, cute outfits, a killer hashtag, and photos that make all of your Insta stalkers jealous AF. And when I saw a specific picture on Facebook this weekend (of a girl who I met in college’s bachelorette party), I couldn’t help but smile and appreciate her Friends’ humor. She posted a pic of two tank tops with the iconic FRIENDS font - which said “The One Where Ashley Gets Married” and “I Found My Lobster,” respectively. So good. Makes my basic heart flutter!

So in keeping with today’s bachelorette theme, I wanted to get into some other bachelorette gift ideas that are in total millennial taste - you know, like avocado proposals-worthy kind of ideas. I.e. anything involving guac is definitely ideal 👍.

Swipe through our slideshow of yummy gifts to consider for your bride-to-be’s bachelorette bash, and also keep some of the following tips in mind. To give the soon-to-be-Mrs. the most scrumptiously sweet send off she can get! Whether she’s a fierce foodie or connoisseur of cocktails, these picks will be appreciated tremendously.

Set Up a Taco Bar

Taco Bell. Chipotle. Whichever, 20 and 30-somethings these days are embracing the taco trend totally and completely. I was also born on Cinco de Mayo, so I have tacos and tequila written into my DNA. Idea: set up an afternoon or late night taco bar - with all the toppings. You can’t get too festive. That’s not a thing.

Do Morning Smoothie Bowls + Bellinis 

Who doesn’t like an acai bowl and some fresh bubbly in the AM? We loveee pretty parfaits and beautiful acai breakfast bowls complete with ALL the yummy hangover-fighting fruits and accoutrements for brunch - do you have an expert snack-styling sis in the group, because you’ll need to make sure the setup is postable. Otherwise, did it even happen?

Take a Tour (of the food or cocktail variety)

Your foodie bride should have open bar / open kitchen written all over her bachelorette party. Now, obvi all inclusive doesn’t NEED to be a part of it, but you can certainly find some of the coolest foodie/wino/cocktail snob tours in the cities you’ll be visiting. Vegas has one of the best booze+bites tours around, hello Lip Smacking Foodie Tour.

And if all else fails, just let her decorate some cake. She should have her cake AND eat it too….

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