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10 Romantic Songs For Your First Dance

Preparing for your first dance? You will need the perfect song to dance to. Something between 2 and 4 minutes, nothing too long ... unless you are planning something extravagant. If you are a little bit dreading all eyes on you, but still want to hit the mark on romanticism then this list is for you.

Pro Tip

Take dance lessons and prepare. We know dance lessons can be expensive, but as an engaged couple researching First Dance videos on youtube we saw our share of pretty cringe-worthy first dances. Fortunately we came across Wedding Dance Tutorial. Our wedding is in March so we have given ourselves a few months to really try and learn these basic moves to help us flow a little better together. Our favorite part of the tutorial is that it's all online and completely affordable. So you make up your own practicing schedule. So far Wedding Dance Tutorial has really helped us pick up our feet and graze across the floor rather than swaying in one place. Partnered dance is harder than it actually looks so learning basics and how to lead/follow is necessary. This is not an ad, strictly advice from someone planning their wedding!

You will learn:

1. Basics - How to connect with your partner, lead or follow, posture and move on the floor. These basic dance moves play a big part in your choreography.

2. Moves - You only require learning a few of these to create your choreography. You can mark your favorites and there are a range of options from easy to difficult. 

3. Choreo - Musicality, styling, entrance and exit. 

All of these are videos that are extremely easy to follow, and more importantly you can rewatch them. Anthony is super helpful and available to answer any questions. We have been genuinely pleased with the Wedding Dance Tutorial process. After only our first couple times practicing my fiancé and I gained confidence in our moves.