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What is a wedding content creator and do you need one?

wedding content creator Taylor Jordan Photography

Just when you thought you were done booking your wedding vendors, a whole new service has hit the market. What started as a specialist for celebrity clients has now trickled down to the masses and it seems as if EVERYONE is hiring a wedding content creator for their big day. What is a wedding content creator exactly and do you need one? We talked to one of our favorite wedding photographers, Taylor Krauser of Taylor Jordan Photography, to get all the deets on the latest trend in wedding documentation…

what is a wedding content creator?

behind the scenes content creation by Taylor Jordan Photography

Back in the day, couples had to wait months to receive photos from their wedding. Then came the advent of smartphones and everyone had a camera, but the couple still had to hound their bridal party to add pics from the day into a shared album. Things escalated quickly and pretty soon it wasn’t just the bridal party who wanted to snap a pic of every special moment, which may sound sweet, but it ended up being not so fun for the professional photographers and videographers hired to take the REAL wedding photos and for the couple that hired them. So, couples started to ban phones from their ceremony and were once again relegated to the big wait for their official wedding photos and videos…but not anymore!

introducing wedding content creators

what does a wedding content creator do Taylor Jordan Photography

A Wedding Content Creator is a social media content specialist that will accompany you throughout your wedding day and create candid behind-the-scenes content using nothing but a phone (ok, there may be a ring light involved 😂). Having a designated person documenting those private moments solves all of the aforementioned dilemmas and gives you (the couple) that instant gratification that you’re looking for. Seriously, you haven’t lived until you plop on the bed in your honeymoon suite with your new hubby or wife, kick off your shoes, and start scrolling through photos from your wedding!

who needs a wedding content creator?

wedding day social media by Taylor Jordan Photography

We recommend Wedding Content Creators for two drastically different types of people. The first–people who struggle with social media but want to be good at it. People who don’t know how to make a Reel, which filters to use, or what a Lightroom preset is. People who appreciate a well-curated grid, but can’t seem to get theirs to be remotely cohesive. If that sounds like you, you’re a good candidate.

The second type of person that would really benefit from hiring a Wedding Content Creator is a social media guru. You LIVE for your social media, you’re entire life is told through your Stories and you know exactly what you want your wedding coverage to look like…you just don’t have enough hands or phones on the big day to make it happen.

the best part

getting ready content creation by Taylor Jordan Photography

The best part about hiring a professional Wedding Content Creator and not just relying on your friends and family tagging you is that you’re getting actual works of art from someone who does this for a living. Take Taylor Jordan Photography for instance, they just won best wedding photographer in Charleston. If you think you’re good with an iPhone, just imagine what she can do? She gets lighting, framing, timing…all of the things that go into making good content. It’s more than documentation it’s curation and that’s what you’re paying for.

Taylor Jordan Photography is now offering Wedding Content Creation as a standalone service or as part of her Wedding Photography package. Contact Taylor today to find out more about her Content Creation Packages.

Follow Taylor @taylorkrauser on TikTok or @taylorjordanphoto on Instagram for even more wedding content tips from a pro.

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