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Add a touch of whimsy to your wedding with Ikebana-style florals

pink Ikebana floral arrangement Photo/Florals: Iris and Fig

If you just clicked on this post because of the mesmerizing arrangement in the pic but have no idea what Ikebana is, no judgment. Let’s get into it a little before we dive headfirst into gorgeous floral arrangements. Dating back to ancient times, the term Ikebana has come to encompass the Japanese art of flower arranging. It originated with Buddhist monks making beautiful, thoughtful arrangements as temple offerings and has evolved into a modern art used to celebrate an array of momentous occasions…like weddings. Ikebana arrangements are characterized by their natural forms and minimalist selections. Each stem is featured prominently and there is hardly any “filler” like in modern Western arrangements. The result is a delicate, gravity-defying linear composition with plenty of negative space that adds a touch of whimsy to any occasion. Because it is such a specific art form, if you want this style for your wedding florals, make sure to find a florist that specializes in Ikebana. Now…enjoy.

white Ikebana floral arrangement Photo/Florals: @soilandstem via @tesscomrie

White Anemone Ikebana floral arrangement Photo: Yangly Photographie


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bright whimsical Ikebana floral arrangement Photo: Jennefer Wilson

whimsical Ikebana floral arrangement Photo/Florals: Brave Floral

wildflower Ikebana floral arrangement Photo/Florals: Aesme Floral Studio

Daisy Ikebana floral arrangement in gold Photo/Florals: Frida Kim

tropical Bird of Paradise Ikebana floral arrangement Photo/Florals: @kate w via Pinterest

bright magenta Ikebana floral arrangement Photo: @Amazing Craft Ideas via Pinterest

lavender Poppy ikebana floral arrangment Photo/Florals: Branches and Blooms Design

black moody Ikebana floral arrangement Photo/Florals: AGOS MUNI

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