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Yacht Wedding in Croatia – New Trend in a Hot Destination

Yacht Wedding in Croatia – New Trend in a Hot Destination

The CEOs of yachting company Goolets, Mitja and Alenka, got married on a yacht! This is how their memorable moment looked like when they said “I do” and promised eternal loyalty to each other.
We caught a moment with him to get some interesting answers. Look at what he said.

1. So Mitja, how did you decide to have your wedding on a yacht?

We wanted to escape the regular thing to do, that lasts only for one day. So we combined wedding and honeymoon into one special experience. Also, do you know anyone who thinks yachts are boring? 

Yacht Wedding in Croatia – New Trend in a Hot Destination

2. Why did you choose Croatia as your wedding destination?It’s hard to list all the arguments, but let me try.

· Lots of cultural sites such as palaces, castles, fortresses, rustic gardens, monasteries, churches, and even UNESCO sites. All perfect for having your wedding ceremony at.
· The islands, oh, wow, what can I say. They are so beautiful and there are so many of them, the only headache you will have is choosing which ones to visit. Luckily, when doing a wedding cruise, you can easily explore at least 5 of them.
· Then you have optimal climate conditions. I would suggest April, May, September, and October. But don’t worry, Croatia has more than 2300 hours of sunshine yearly.
· Then there are plenty of natural possibilities, because you have high mountain tops, literally by the sea. That way you can try hiking or zipline, followed by kayaking or snorkeling, whatever your heart wants.
· Combination of a yacht master chef and Croatian gastronomic delights is just too good, it’s like heaven melting in your mouth... Believe me, your wedding menu can not get better than this!
· Lastly, there is convenience. People speak fluent English, the country is really safe with a low number of crimes, and overall wedding organization in Croatia is affordable. Definitely cheaper than the UK, or France, or Italy…

Yacht Wedding in Croatia – New Trend in a Hot Destination

3. Where exactly was your ceremony held?

In Trogir. In the center of the city in a registrar’s office. Then we continued to the yacht to have our wedding reception, celebration, and cruise.
However, we were also thinking about Split, Dubrovnik, and islands such as Brač, Hvar, and Vis. All amazing places with amazing venues. Those are definitely my top choices for you to consider.

4. For you, what’s the biggest difference between an inland and yacht wedding?

I’d say the biggest one is that when you are on a yacht, everything is settled in one location. Reception, celebration, accommodation, food, and drinks, all on spacious decks with pristine waters and romantic sunsets.

On the other hand, the similarity is that the price range is similar to inland weddings and that you can also have your ceremony outside the yacht if you wish.

Yacht Wedding in Croatia – New Trend in a Hot Destination

5. Did you have any problems or concerns about a yacht wedding?

I was a bit worried about seasickness, bad weather, and space limitations for my guests. But the yachts are stable, firm, and spacious.
You rarely feel the waves, and if you do, the yacht can stop in a calm bay and you will not be seasick. There are Dramamine pills on board just in case.
We were monitoring the forecast in advance for bad weather and chose a warm month for our special day. We also had trust in our captain because he knows how to plan the route and avoid bad weather.
For space limitations, there were no problems at all. We had 14 guests and the yacht had 8 cabins, which was more than enough. Not to mention how spacious are larger yachts, such as mini-cruisers.

Yacht Wedding in Croatia – New Trend in a Hot Destination

6. What about all professional staff, how did that work since you were in a different country, on a yacht?

Photographers, videographers, makeup artists, hairstylists, musicians, decoration stylists, chefs, bartenders... You name it, we know them well, especially in Croatia.
There is no special difference. You hire them normally as you do for an inland wedding. You just have to bring photographers and musicians on board (during the wedding day).
Also, yachts already come with chefs and bartenders on board.

Yacht Wedding in Croatia – New Trend in a Hot Destination

7. How did you choose the optimal yacht for you?

Since we had 14 guests, we didn’t need a big yacht. Also, we have long cooperation and friendship with the captain and owner of the yacht, and we love how traditional it looks. The choice was pretty simple for us.
But, if we had over 20 guests, we would definitely book a mini-cruiser.
For everyone else, choosing the optimal yacht is a selection process. Luckily, we have professional advisors at your disposal, 24/7. 

Yacht Wedding in Croatia – New Trend in a Hot Destination

8. What did you enjoy the most?

Basically everything. The fact that we were with our closest ones, in beautiful Croatia, on a beautiful yacht, living like kings for the whole week. 

Yacht Wedding in Croatia – New Trend in a Hot Destination

9. Where did you go cruising after the wedding day? Was that like your honeymoon?

Yacht Wedding in Croatia – New Trend in a Hot Destination

After sailing off from Trogir, we visited Split, Brač, Hvar, Vis, Korčula, Mljet, and Dubrovnik. What did we do there? We went on land excursions, visited interesting tourist attractions, ate in top restaurants, enjoyed water activities…

I can not explain to you how good it feels when you take your wedding clothes off, dress into your bathing suit and jump into the sea. It’s something else.
And yes, that was also our honeymoon. Sometimes while our guests were on land, we were enjoying the romance on the yacht, with a sunset, in a jacuzzi, with cocktails and champagne.
Or, while the guests were on the yacht, we went on wine tastings and we explored hidden, romantic places and beaches on mentioned islands. 

10. How did your guests accept this option?

They were completely cool with this. Knowing what business we are, they told us it was the logical thing to do :-)
However, if any of our guests wanted to leave early, that was completely possible, because the yacht was cruising in a way where it was always close to the islands that are well connected with cities with airports.
That means if somebody had to leave after the ceremony or a couple of days before the end of the cruise, the captain could have dropped them off wherever needed.
And there you have it. A yacht wedding experience from a yachting experienced professional. We hope you liked this interview. And that you will like your yacht wedding even more.
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