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What To Pack On Your Tropical Honeymoon

beach day on your honeymoon

Wow! You just tied-the-knot, and now you are off to bask in the warm sunshine and sand of a tropical paradise. Congratulations! Oh, but wait, what are you going to pack? If you are anything like me, this is always the first daunting hurdle when planning a trip. I'll hop on a plane without thinking twice but you can better believe I have thought backward and forwards over every last item in my suitcase (I have probably even lost sleep over it). So how do you stop those stressy feelings from creeping in on this very exciting moment in your life?  

Two words, packing checklist. Sure, it might seem obvious, so much so that it has taken my 30+ years of existence to finally accept how obvious it is and just write one down. And you know what, my stress just evaporated after having this list in front of me, so, consider me a packing list convert. 

But where do you start? How do I pack light and still know I have everything I need? Don't you worry, we have a What To Pack For Your 2 Week Tropical Trip checklist and we would love to share it with all of you. Just keep scrolling for it as well as a little helpful travel advice. 

what to pack on your honeymoon

Fun and flirty!

It's your Honeymoon so we know you are going to want to get at least a little dressed up. Sundresses are a great and easy go-to resort wear and they also cut down on the number of bulkier separates you'll need to pack. Pack one or two, or hey, make it a sundress extravaganza if that's your thing, we love that idea!

My Fav Accessory

If you are headed somewhere that could find you exploring the site of a holy place, having a scarf to respectfully cover your head with is always a good plan. And let's be honest they make for a great accessory when you are just bopping around for the day. Tie one to your bag and see where the day takes you!

honeymoon travel packing guide

Active Here... Active There

Are you and you’re SO pretty active? It's probably a safe bet that you’ll be active on your honeymoon too. Don’t forget a few activewear items that will keep you cool, comfortable and able to visit that hidden must-see spot.

A Battery You Can Bank On

As someone that worries about a dead phone on my travels (I love snapping tons of photos and man does that kill a phone charge fast), having a trusty and fully charge power bank on hand is a great stress reliever. The one I own holds a charge for a couple of days and can be charged back up fully in about a half-hour. So pop that in your bag for the day and get to snapping all the photos your heart desires.

Below is our 2 week tropical vacation packing checklist that you can easily save and print out. 

Printable Tropical Packing


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