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sunrise in Punta Cana

Punta Cana Sunrise

The Grand Palladium Punta Cana Resort & Spa Hotel is the perfect host for your Dominican Republic wedding or honeymoon! There's just so much to do and see! Check out a few more images here. To start, waking up your bestie and dragging her to watch the sunrise at 6am is definitely worth it. Look at that view! 

white sandy beach

Bavaro Beach

We lounged on the beach in powder-like white sand and turquoise water that's literally warmer than the air while sipping on some cocktails. That's definitely a perk of an all inclusive resort for any of you who like to partake. Imagine lying on this beach with your lover. Yes, please. 



Mamajuana is a drink considered to cure anything and we got to sample a little. I mean it - a little - there's no chugging this stuff! Mamajuana is a concoction of rum, red wine, and honey to soaked in a bottle with tree bark and herbs. Once you finish the bottle, you can actually refill it with wine or rum to brew your own batch with the existing bark and herbs. Recycling at its best!

cigar rolling station for weddings

Cigar Rolling Station

We made our way over to the Hemingway Bar for some cigar rolling is always a fun addition to any wedding. This cigar roller is an absolute master and it was mesmerizing to watch him work! We even got to bring a couple home. Is that legal? We were told yes,  but we really aren't sure so we did it and we're not sorry. 

mendi tattoos

Mendi & a beautiful Indian Dinner

Words cannot describe this dinner. A multi-course flavor explosion or goodness is what happened right there. The chef is completely amazing and created the menu on as a spin on comfort food from when he was a child. We were totally comforted and satisfied with this meal. This is a menu that's offered in the wedding packages. I highly recommend it.


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