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Free suit or tux for the wedding couple.

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6 Times Knots Tied In Tuscany Took Our Breath Away

Wedding in Tuscany Italy Planned by Wed in Florence

I find myself wondering why the hell I haven’t been to Italy yet, especially when I get to marvel at ALL the magical weddings that happen there - on the daily. One of my closest friends just got back from a 5-year anniversary trip to The Beautiful Country, my sister will be honeymooning there next Spring, and I’m already suuuuuper jealous. I can close my eyes and just imagine the gorgeousness that they’ll be encountering as newlyweds, but tons of happy couples get to experience the beauty on their best day ever. And none of the celebrations ever look the same, which is just amazing. Behind every stunning soulmate union in Tuscany, is countless hours of planning, but with an exceptional planner as a partner, no couple has to feel stressato. Wed in Florence took the time to tell us about their bespoke wedding planning services and support, and we’d be lying if we said we didn’t want to be part of their team al più presto.

They’ve got Tuscan “I Dos” down to a science

Wed in Florence is a boutique wedding planning agency based in Italy. The founder and creative director, Neve, and her team primarily focus on Tuscan weddings, but they’re happy to help couples interested in many other Italian locations. And we’re particularly pumped that they offer totally-tailored planning packages (slash, actually, not even packages, because they hate to limit themselves to their clients): whether you want to do your big day in The Boot in a small, intimate way or would prefer a lavish, grand-scale celebration, you can work with WIF to dream up something truly unforgettable. Oh, and you don’t even need to onboard Neve and her crew for full planning, if you only need help putting final touches on your affair // or just want to outsource any stress ((last-minute vendor communication, logistic nightmares, family feuds, etc.)) to someone other than your future spouse on the actual day. This is where their ‘last-minute management’ comes in. You might have it all figured out, you’ve made the calls, booked the right people, have all your important documents on the docket for your ceremony, but want someone experienced to takeover to make sure that everything goes smoothly on the wedding day. Or, if things get to be too much, there’s on-site support to streamline and simplify the stressors and get you back on track for your happily ever after.

Wedding Tablescape in Tuscany Italy Planned by Wed in Florence

They’ve also got ins at all of the most beautiful spots, including: Town Halls, historical buildings, enviable villas, gardens, vineyards, and churches, and all they need to do is put in a few calls on your behalf. Their immaculate reputation precedes them!

Stress, what’s that? 

Bride and groom twirling in Tuscany Italy Planned by Wed in Florence

“Choosing Wed in Florence was the best decision we could have made when it came to getting married in Italy. We had the most wonderful day and down to each little detail, everything was perfect. Neve understood us as a couple and understood what we wanted from our day and delivered on all accounts. Neve is super organised, found us the perfect, most beautiful venue, amazing hair and beauty, great catering, great photographer, fabulous florist, perfect music and a wonderful celebrant, I must also add that this was done in 6 months for a Saturday wedding at the start of September! We never felt stressed throughout the planning process, Neve has a large black book of contacts that covers all bases when it comes to organising a wedding. The best decision we made was choosing Wed in Florence as our wedding planner. If you are getting married in Italy, and want your perfect wedding, a friendly, stylish and super organised wedding planner I would highly recommend using Wed in Florence.” ~ Karrie & Gareth

They don’t have a rigid formula, either

What we love about Neve is her confession that she doesn’t have a signature aesthetic or go-to purse of prepared wedding themes. She says she’s inspired by couples and their lives, and she puts time and energy into making sure she gets to know them and their personalities, along with their respective passions and preferences. She’s creative and has a natural knack for paying attention to details. So, she can handle orchestrating the wedding and alleviating stress for her clients, and still surprise and delight them with personal touches that add so much ✨✨✨ to the big event.

Wedding Tablescape in Tuscany Italy Planned by Wed in Florence

Just hop on over to their event planning page, and take a peek at their portfolio. You’ll see right away that Wed in Florence doesn’t do cookie-cutter fetes, instead, everything is personalized to the couple and the family and friends who have flown in to share in their special day.

Her skills are spellbinding 

Bride and groom embracing on vineyard in Tuscany Italy Planned by Wed in Florence

“We hired Neve for our wedding in Chianti. Throughout she provided impeccable service. Not only did her witty charms always calm our nerves when we most needed it, she single-handedly managed to do some wizardry that turned my own fragmentary vision of how the day would actually evolve into a real, living, rocking and incredibly magical event. Every last detail fell into place. From start, when she made us go to our wedding venue to try their coq salad and wine, connected us to the exactly right people for photography, beauty services, music or babysitting (she really has good taste in partners) – and until the last very shivering moments before we were ready – she never lost her cool nor failed to show her finger tip knowledge – or how bumps or surprises can be predicted, met, and handled without leaving a trace. What has left an even more lasting impression on me though, is her warmth, her knowledge of people (and children!!), and her love for creating a perfect event not just in planning but in mood. We had the time of our lives. Thank you Neve.” ~ Hannah & Tomas

Pour the wine and use the code 

Feeling like you’re ready to pour a chalice of Chianti and contact Wed in Florence stat? Well, hold up. If you reach out and book before October 3rd, you can knock 10 percent off your total wedding fee. Just use our name! 

Couple smiling at wedding reception in Tuscany Italy Planned by Wed in Florence


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We partnered with Wed in Florence to bring you a personalized passport to the perfect Italian wedding. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!