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5 Reasons You’ll Want to Have Your Postponed Wedding In Paradise

5 Reasons You’ll Want to Have Your Postponed Wedding In Paradise

Woof this year has thrown weddings for a loop! Some couples have elected to elope, others have scaled down the size of their soirees [by a whole lot], some have totally postponed their parties to next year, and others have decided on a safe, but small situation for their nuptials now, and a well-awaited wedding bash with a big crowd later. Truthfully, it’s amazing that given such nerve-wracking, consequential circumstances surrounding COVID, couples are still making their weddings work. And after everything that has come to pass in 2020, vacations with vows sound EVEN MORE ENTICING!! We spoke with Vacations With Flair, a team of travel experts who curate unbelievable, once-in-a-lifetime trips for their clients, and they convinced us just how amazing the destination microwedding can be… So, if you haven’t figured things out yet or are recently engaged and thinking about your options for a wedding in the era of COVID, then you’ll probably want to keep reading!

When Vacations With Flair owner and founder, Angee Shields first talked us through her business, we couldn’t stop imagining all of those memes that have become popular over the last few months - the “First thing I’m doing when this pandemic is past tense is…” ones. All of the things that follow those ellipses usually have to do with having fun, spending time with friends and fam, and forgetting, just for a sec, how rough this past year has been. And what better way to lean into that post-pandemic life than with a microwedding that takes you, your fiancé, and all of your favorite people to somewhere over the rainbow, a little slice of paradise, etc.

5 Reasons You’ll Want to Have Your Postponed Wedding In Paradise

We’re already jumping on the microwedding in-transit trend bandwagon, or should we say boat, flight, train, car, but Angee and her team, who work tirelessly to ensure any+all of your travel memories are priceless, gave us concrete reasons to consider the destination microwedding, for real:

You’ll be able to extend the celebration. 

Not sure anyone would argue with us if we said that celebrating and experiencing joy is more important now than it ever was before. Right? It’s legitimate. And your wedding is THE most joyful and celebratory occasion ever, so it deserves as much revelry as possible. Instead of having a traditional wedding event that only lasts a few hours, why not extend it to last a few days? Choosing a destination microwedding won’t just bring you and your guests to a lust-worthy locale for limited post-vow good vibes, instead it will allow you to stretch out the time spent with your squad for three to seven days.

You’ll be able to create the most exciting memories with people who need it. 

Shields says it best when she affirms that “relaxing in paradise has an effect on people.” 100 percent and we’d go as far as to say that considering how crazy a time this is, it’s probably even 200 percent true that a vacation can help you and your guests melt away that stress and lighten the mood. Destination weddings are much more lowkey and allow a lot of time for guests to bond, even if they haven’t met before. The word “YOLO” definitely hits a little differently now, that’s why a trip with everyone you love can be such a memory-loaded time. Free your minds, make new friends, hold your nearest and dearest close - it’s time for collective chill. Everyone needs it.

5 Reasons You’ll Want to Have Your Postponed Wedding In Paradise

You’ll be able to social distance comfortably. 

For the time being, resorts in Mexico and the greater Caribbean are keeping their guest capacity under 30%, which means that if you and your wedding group are staying there - you won’t have to share with many other people. You can spread out, spend the majority of your time outdoors (in the sun and sand), and even when you are inside, your resort is following the rules - wearing masks and sanitizing surfaces around the clock for your safety.

You’ll be able to navigate the microwedding nuptials a lot more easily.

Having a wedding planner will always help with the stress of planning a wedding, but COVID has thrown a wrench into that, too. Between going to consults, scheduling venue site visits, sitting down with your vendor friendlies, you can absolutely grow to freak out. That’s why planning remotely with a crew like Vacations With Flair is astoundingly more comfortable. And then when you think about the smaller size of a microwedding as opposed to a traditional high-guest-count wedding, you have time on your side. Typical weddings can take an average of 12-18 months to plan, but a smaller resort wedding can easily be planned in a month or two - which is great for locking in low flight rates offered right now.

Vacations With Flair always advocates for destination weddings, because they can provide huge savings for couples, but they also have current promotions happening with their hotel+resort partners to make those savings even sweeter.

5 Reasons You’ll Want to Have Your Postponed Wedding In Paradise

Perks for bringing pals with you to paradise (this is just the tip of the iceberg #nottalkingTitanic)...

  • Bring a group of 10 rooms along on your wedding in paradise and receive a complimentary ceremony and three-night resort stay.
  • Bring a group of 25 rooms along on your wedding in paradise and receive a complimentary ceremony, five-night resort stay, a welcome cocktail party, and a wedding reception with an open bar.
You’ll be able to wrap everything up in a trip that checks ALL the boxes. 

If you’ve been reading our stuff for a while, you’ll know that we’re BIG fans of post-wedding bachelor and bachelorette parties. A destination microwedding can totally help out if you had to nix those plans with your besties. We also think buddymoons are a plus, so honeymooning with your biggest hype people, after one of the hardest times in your lives, is a major pro in our eyes.

These couples got away and had the BEST things to say [about it]

"The wedding was AMAZING! We are very happy with how everything went and wouldn't change anything. Thank you for making this process so easy and fun!" ~ Katie and Amy

“We used Vacations With Flair for our Los Cabos destination wedding and loved them! We had 70 guests coming from different areas and each of them got personal attention. We heard nothing but great comments from our guests. Angee's thoroughness was unbelievable. The website she created for our guests was extremely helpful and presented the travel information so nicely to our invited guests. We highly recommend this team. They will not disappoint!” ~ Julie and Dave

5 Reasons You’ll Want to Have Your Postponed Wedding In Paradise

Get in touch with Angee and the rest of the Vacations With Flair team right now and start planning the destination microwedding of your dreams

We partnered with Vacations With Flair to bring you some inspo for that destination microwedding. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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