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5 Reasons Hawaii Is the Perfect Place for Your Destination I Dos

5 Reasons Hawaii Is the Perfect Place for Your Destination I Dos Photo Credit:

Just the other day I found myself wondering about something: where destination weddings began and whether ‘where’ even mattered, because if you asked at least 7 out of 10 people, they’d probably say Hawaii - myself included! Really, destination weddings are synonymous with the Aloha state, and it’s not just because it’s flippin’ beautiful, romantic, and relaxing there. Sure, those benefits can’t be forgotten, but it has more to do with the fact that Hawaii can’t be said without first being preceded or followed by happily-ever-after. At any point in time (and I wish there was some sort of statistic), some couple is sharing an excited photo of themselves on a plane, holding hands, sharing celebratory sips, and captioning the shot with some iteration of “On our way to wed in Hawaii, can’t wait!” It’s got emojis, it’s got hashtags, and it’s got a couple clearly in love, and that’s just about everything. So, to help us illuminate just how closely-tied-together destination weddings and Hawaii really are, we caught up with Marriott International - Hawaii on just a few things you can only have at Hawaiian “I Dos” and a couple others that just keep Hawaii ranked so high on lists of locales.

Ever wonder why honeymoons in Hawaii have always been so popular? Well, apart from the obvious allure of the crystal blue water, the friendly staff, the Leis and the multi-island points of interest, it’s also because with a Hawaiian honeymoon, all of the stress of everyday life can easily float away as you’re sipping on Mai Tais and allowing yourself to be hypnotized by the Hawaiian hula dancers. Whether you’re there for one week or more, you can check in to your hotel and check out all the chaos that can clutter up your routine on the reg. If you can so easily say ‘I Do’ to time away in a place that every person in the world has at once imagined vacationing in, then why not do it for your actual wedding, too?

5 Reasons Hawaii Is the Perfect Place for Your Destination I Dos Photo Credit:

From storybook settings on the beach to cliffside venues that open up to limitless views of the Pacific, Hawaii puts the ‘rad’ in Paradise; the only obligation for the couple? To choose one stunning venue for their dream wedding, and Marriott International – Hawaii has quite a few.

Care to take a peek? We thought so…

Here are five reasons why you might want to keep your wedding plans open-ended. After all, a honeymoon in Hawaii is gold standard (Hawaiian Gold standard), but a destination wedding that happens beforehand? Perfection.

Sheraton Maui 

5 Reasons Hawaii Is the Perfect Place for Your Destination I Dos Planning:

How often do we all forget just how small we are compared to the rest of the world, the amazing world that we live in? A couple who gets married at the Sheraton Maui just can’t forget that. Surrounded by towering palm trees, never-ending ocean views, incredible native florals, a pair committing to each other for eternity here can only feel that their experience is heaven-sent. And what’s so great about Sheraton Maui is the resort’s exclusive partnership with Platinum Weddings Maui. These planners are true magicians who work wonders for every wanderlusty couple that books. If it’s an outdoor look you’re after, complete with a sprawling oceanfront lawn for ceremony or an indoor reception, that’s both intimate and festive, you can have both.

Westin Maui

5 Reasons Hawaii Is the Perfect Place for Your Destination I Dos Photo Credit:

Set on beautiful Ka'anapali Beach, The Westin Maui Resort & Spa is a dream location for weddings of all styles and sizes - seriously ALL styles and sizes, because the resort has nearly 60,000 square feet of enchanting event space, including the Westin Waterfall, an amazing tropical venue, the Wedding Gazebo, surrounded by an intimate stream, lush tropical flora, and radiant white columns, the Ocean Front Lawn, which provides unobstructed views of the sparkling Pacific and neighboring islands, Lokahi Point, an intimate oasis with spectacular ocean panoramas and beautiful sunset views. And the Aloha Pavilion’s lounge and breakout spaces, which boast oceanfront views, beach access, a full-service kitchen, unique staging, and privacy. From intimate elopements to glittering galas, their wedding specialists who operate here (collaboratively with Bliss Wedding Design) are arbiters of extraordinary experiences.

The Royal Hawaiian 

5 Reasons Hawaii Is the Perfect Place for Your Destination I Dos Photo Credit:

This Luxury Collection Resort is synonymous with romance. From an intimate occasion with family to a festive gathering of up to 500 guests, each event is customized to suit your wildest desires. And at the end of the day, where better to making things official than “The Pink Palace of the Pacific?" The world’s greatest romantic wedding venue. Its soaring pink turrets have lured couples from around the globe…who come to discover the expansive beach at sunset, to share intimate moments in lush and legendary gardens, and to immerse in the timeless beauty that abounds at this mystical place. Couples are so blissful that grooms spontaneously throwing up the ‘surf’s up’ sign as they dip their brides in the sand are a regular occurrence. Not to mention, if you already have a destination wedding planned here, the place is pretty picture perfect for the pre-wedding bachelorette…. Just sayin!

5 Reasons Hawaii Is the Perfect Place for Your Destination I Dos Photo Credit:

Moana Surfrider

5 Reasons Hawaii Is the Perfect Place for Your Destination I Dos Photo Credit:

I’ll be honest, I can’t read Moana without immediately thinking of Dwayne Johnson and "You’re Welcome," but when it comes to getting married here, a couple can only walk away thinking thank you, thank you, thank you. This resort is best in class and when you get married here, you’ll honestly feel like The Chief, or his daughter. The immaculate white facade of the building is classic and enduring, and the opportunities to create an event that feels like “who you were meant to be” are abounding.

But rewinding a little bit, we did say that Hawaii was magical for destination weddings for much more than just its beauty. So, here goes!

With a Hawaiian destination wedding, you’ll:

  • Have infinite venues to stage your vows

  • Have the resources of the resort+their brilliant planning partners to help bring your visions to life (and these people are architects of dream-worthy aisle experiences)

  • Have the opportunity to work with vendors who love and live for this locale. Whether it’s your photographer, your florist, your stationer, or your entertainers, you’ll onboard professionals who know how special this place is and will work tirelessly to make sure you enjoy it as much as you should!

  • Have the time to treat yourself and plan some activities to experience as a couple. The Moana Surfrider, A Westin Resort & Spa has the only oceanfront spa in Waikiki 😍. For the ultimate couple’s renewal, the spa has private oceanfront suites with whirlpool tubs and breathtaking views, where the couple can relax together. And we all know, the couple who spas together, stays together.

  • Have the luxury of a trip before or after your wedding - with the people who you care about most! The best part about a destination wedding is the ‘we’re all in this together’ vacation mode that oozes into everything you do. Pre-arrange group activities and let your attendees know what to pack, because the Big Island offers many natural wonders. From ziplining to biking down a crater, snorkeling with manta rays to hiking the birding trails, your guests will have YOU to thank for crossing some things off their bucket lists!

5 Reasons Hawaii Is the Perfect Place for Your Destination I Dos Planning:

Whether you’re the ones getting married or among their VIPs who will be along for the ride, you can’t deny the magnetism of a Hawaiian wedding. Get ready to AloHAVE the time of your lives… and start imagining it all now!


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We partnered with Marriott International - Hawaii to show you just how fun a destination weddings can be in the place that really started them all. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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