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5 of the Sweetest Snaps Taken in the City of Love

Couple strolling under the Eiffel Tower Photo Credit:

Pretty sure I’m not the only one who hears the word Paris and immediately gets all tingly inside. Who else? Really?? We honestly can’t think of a place more enveloped in amour, so when we see photos of couples taken there, it’s automatically a double dose of sweetness, passion, and perfection. There is no ‘basicness’ here and before anyone jumps in, we’ll say it outright, engagement photos, wedding photos, anniversary photos in Paris are anything but cheesy! So, if your partner has any doubts or ‘hasn’t it been done before’ hesitations (a la Helen in Bridesmaids), kindly tell them that they need to reconsider. We know a team of photographers that has made a career out of capturing couples in the City of Love and for L'amour de Paris, not only do these pictures never get played out, they just keep getting better.

They fell in love with a city and a feeling and decided to stay

L'amour de Paris is the premiere portrait studio in Paris run by American photographers Doug & CheyAnne! The husband and wife team are NoLa natives, and they still operate a successful stateside wedding photo business there, but their hearts have been tied to La Ville Lumière for the last few years and they can’t imagine themselves anywhere else. That’s why whenever they have the opportunity to shoot couples who are visiting Paris for the first time, marking a major milestone anniversary, honeymooning, babymooning, celebrating their engagement or actually getting engaged, they live for it and can’t wait to send their clients off with photo session prints as the perfect souvenir.

The Eiffel Tower is always the same, but the portraits in its midst are anything but

Doug and CheyAnne sent us a few of their favorite Parisian portraits, and even though they’re all staged at the Eiffel Tower (their Instagram feed is teeming with tower power), they all look completely unique and each tell a different story.

When you’re literally standing in front of the Eiffel Tower, but you still manage to steal its thunder…

Paris Eiffel Tower Love Portrait

When the two of you are standing still, but that dress is doing its own thing. That easy, breezy, I need to start dancing kind of love.

Paris Eiffel Tower Love Portrait

When the Tower’s a little misty, but the two of you have an umbrella, so you’re floating on cloud nine.

Paris Eiffel Tower Love Portrait

When you just said ‘I Do’ and your chemistry just keeps climbing. Up, up, upppp.

Paris Eiffel Tower Wedding Portrait

When you’ve already had your wedding, but can’t help but do it all over again on your honeymoon. ((No, seriously, L'amour de Paris photographed this couple’s wedding and then had the absolute pleasure of shooting them when they were honeymooning in Paris))

Paris Eiffel Tower Honeymoon Portrait

And when you’re vacationing with the one you love, why wouldn’t you want some keepsake photos to remember it all?

“OH. MY. GOSH. Thank you so much! What an awesome surprise to wake up to! These are amazing and I couldn't be happier! These pictures will always be special to us, and I'm so glad we got to share our trip with you! Thank you AGAIN to both you and CheyAnne, I can't even tell you how much you guys have made our last two trips so perfect! You two are Photo-Gods! Much love xoxo” ~ Serene+Chaz

A Parisian mini session might just be in your future…

Whether you're proposing to the love of your life, commemorating the next chapter of your love story with an engagement-moon, or simply traveling with your partner in crime, you’ll want to memorialize these moments. Let L'amour de Paris help capture them for you. As the #1 resource for couples visiting the City of Love, the photo team has all the information and know-how on their website to help you plan your romantic vacation in the place they know best. Book your portrait session now, so that you can take a piece of Paris home with you!


Plus, they’re giving away a Paris Engagement Mini Session (valued at 250€). You definitely want to check that out, so head over to our Instagram feed to peep the details for entering!  


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We partnered with L'amour de Paris to give couples a passport to Parisian photo genius. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!