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Free suit or tux for the wedding couple.

Free suit or tux for the wedding couple.

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4 Reasons Destination I Dos Are Total Squad Goals

Moon Palace Jamaica Palace Resorts Gazebo

True or False: Vacationing with friends is the best thing ever. 

We’re going go with true for this one. 

True or False: Getting married in paradise is the best thing ever. 

Also true. 

One more, True or False: Getting married in paradise with your favorite people along for the ride is the greatest thing ever

True, true, true, a million times true. 

And while we’re on the topic of saying ‘I Do’ somewhere that isn’t close to home, we caught up with a partner that makes extraordinary weddings in extraordinary locations happen every day. The Palace Resorts team believes that destination weddings can be the literal best vacation experience ever for couples and their crew, and we couldn’t agree with them more.

When I was growing up, I always thought it was the coolest thing to travel with my best friends. To be in a place that wasn’t Jersey with them, to ride in a plane together, to eat out, swim, shop, soak up the sun, all the things that vacation was best for. I still get excited to go on vacation with my husband, because it’s traveling with my best friend - it’s exciting and out of the norm and fun. And when I went bacheloretting to the Bahamas with my sister this summer, along with her whole tribe and my bestie, I still couldn’t shake the feeling that this was ah-mazing!

Palace Resorts Couple Taking Pictures in the Ocean

That’s why I loveee the idea of a destination wedding:
  1. You get to marry your S.O. in a breathtaking place - far away from any of the stressors at home.

  2. Everyone partying with you two is on vacay, so obviously they’re living their best lives, unphased by a thing. As one does with bare feet in the sand, a tropical drink in hand, and nowhere to go but the pool the next day.

  3. There’s so much going on, welcome activities, pre-wedding receptions, spa visits, magical meals, etc. that it never feels like the wedding has to end. Most weddings are a one [night] and done deal, but a destination wedding ensures a dedicated multi-day celebration.

  4. And when it does end, the couple doesn’t even need to go home yet. With a Palace Resorts special honeymoon package, you can stay in paradise for a post-nuptials vacation or check out another awe-inspiring resort for some TLC with your permanent PIC.

Palace Resorts revels in the destination wedding experience, not only because it’s such a joyous and once-in-a-lifetime event, but because it’s an experience that truly bands together the couple and their best friends and family. And all of your events can take place in countless heart-stirring locations, from white sandy beaches to elegant gazebos, across 10 luxurious all-inclusive resorts. Brides and grooms, mom(s) and dad(s), siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, friends, family friends, etc., saying ‘YES’ to an affair with Palace Resorts is your golden ticket straight into unrivaled, all-inclusive luxury. Sound good? Thought so! 

Sky wedding deck at Palace Resorts

Read on for four more reasons why a destination wedding is #squadgoals and some.

The group benefits are beyond.

Booking your wedding with Palace Resorts means you’ll be able to enjoy unbeatable group benefits and unforgettable wedding perks. Up to $30,000 in complimentary benefits, from comped guest rooms to endless upgrades, private group check-ins to exclusive event add-ons. The group gets are SO. GOOD. 🙌🙌🙌

The expenses come with credit.

A destination wedding is all about value for you and your guests. When planning with Palace Resorts, your entire wedding party is eligible to receive up to $1,500 (USD) in Resort Credit to use on spa services, tours, romantic dinners and much more. So, that means you can plan an extraordinary wedding itinerary at no extra cost for you and your guests. All they have to do is say ‘YES’ to being a part of your wedding and the group block.

Palace Resorts destination wedding bridal party jumping on the beach

The personalization makes a major impact on guests.

One of the common misconceptions about destination weddings is that they’re all the same. They involve a beach, flowy dresses, and some nods to the nautical. Pretty cookie-cutter. But the reality is far from that, especially when it happens at one of Palace Resorts’ resorts. Here personalization and individuality are key. Couples can customize their dream wedding design (with the help of their own, free wedding planner) using Palace Resorts' vast selection of decor options and vibes. If they need extra design help, their planner can share a variety of inspirations for them to choose from. And truly, that’s what guests really care about - how personalized the party is.

Couples of all faiths and beliefs are welcome at Palace Resorts, as well. So, whether you need a spectacular Mandap, Chuppah or chapel for your religious ceremony, they’re ready to make your cultural celebration a dream come true.

The all-inclusiveness is designed for group fun.

Going on vacation with friends is a great thing, but oftentimes, not everyone can or wants to do all the ‘excursions’ or indulge in the extras - the expense of the vacation, alone, is enough! But with an all-inclusive trip, one that includes luxurious accommodations and in-room amenities, world-class spas, top-shelf open bars, nightly entertainment, and that extra special $1,500 Resort Credit, everyone can take part in the fun. #noonegetsleftbehind.

Moon Palace Cancun South Asian Wedding

For any brides or grooms out there thinking about a destination wedding/vacation with all their v. important people, start planning your wedding with Palace Resorts now!

And follow along on IG to see how couples are destination I Do-ing with their crews

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We partnered with Palace Resorts to show you just how fun a destination wedding can be with your 'I Do' crew. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!