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Wedding Insurance Definitely Needs to Be a Line Item In Your Budget

Wedding Insurance Definitely Needs to Be a Line Item In Your Budget Photo Credit:

You’re engaged, congratulations! Now that wedding planning is underway we’re going to let you in on a little secret…One of the biggest mistakes a couple can make during their engagement is not pursuing wedding insurance. Your big day is a HUGE investment and like all things that are expensive (your car, your house, even your ring) you should definitely have a safety net in the event things don’t go according to plan because sadly, that does happen. We talked to the least expensive and most comprehensive wedding insurers out there, eWed Insurance, and they’ve made it sooo easy to safeguard your special day. We should say days, actually, because those weekend wedding events - from the welcome party to the rehearsal dinner, after-party to the farewell brunch can be covered too. All you need to do is set aside some time today to cross this off your to-do list… literally steal away from Instagram scrolling for just a few minutes.

You might gamble on weather, but don’t gamble on the whole wedding

In the weeks leading up to their wedding, every couple probably refreshes their weather app close to 5 or 6 times a day to see what they’re working with for the weekend. They’ll cross their fingers and pray to the wedding gods to bless them with clear skies and comfy temps for when they tie the knot. They might even call ahead to their venue to make sure a plan B is in place if inclement weather threatens their anticipated al fresco affair. But other than that, they’ll really just take a gamble.

When you’re spending upwards of tens of thousands of dollars on your wedding day, a gamble just doesn’t cut it. And there's no need to gamble when there is an affordable option to protect everything you’ve been planning for months, if not years.

Peace of mind has a price tag, but it's not much more than a piece of your wedding cake

eWed offers the most affordable and best wedding insurance in the biz, which means you can be protected from a loss due to an unforeseen mishap or cancellation for way less than the cost of your wedding cake. There’s no way to downplay it: weddings are a big investment and not everything goes according to plan, even if you’ve enlisted tons of extra hands to handle the rough and tough points or spent decent dividends of your budget on preemptive damage control. So, wedding insurance is truly just as important as ANY other wedding planning expense.

And here’s what you get:

There are two types of wedding insurance: cancellation & postponement insurance and liability insurance (which is often a requirement from your venue, TBH).

Cancellation insurance covers you against lost deposits if you need to cancel or postpone your wedding due to reasons beyond your control (illness or injury, severe weather, military deployment, a fire or flood at your wedding venue, etc.) or for money you lose because a vendor goes out of business or does not show up ((oh yeah, it happens, even with the ‘chillest’ vendors ever)). And get this? eWed will cover any deposit previously paid to a vendor as long as there were no known issues when the policy was purchased. So, all those contracts you’ve already signed? Yup, the second you sign up - they’re all covered. 

Wedding Insurance Definitely Needs to Be a Line Item In Your Budget Photo Credit:

Liability insurance accounts for damage to the venue caused by you or a guest. It can also cover medical expenses for an injury, if you are responsible for causing it. Liability insurance is being required by more and more venues these days as a standard part of their contract, so you’ll actually have even more of a push to pursue this kind of coverage.

Getting insurance from eWed only takes 3 minutes and your policy documents are automatically emailed to you after the purchase. Full wedding insurance – cancellation and liability typically only costs about 1% of your wedding budget. For a typical $30,000 wedding it’s only about $300 for a full $30,000 loss of deposit policy and a $1,000,000 liability policy. Yes, we’re not kidding you. You can protect your wedding day for about as much as two weeks worth of Starbucks would cost you. Suddenly PSLs no longer give us life…

It’s not just all or nothing either…

Outright cancelling or postponing your wedding is a major heartbreak, but you can still suffer damages even if your wedding was for-the-most-part intact. eWed Insurance policies cover extenuating loss, too:

  • Loss or damage to your wedding photographs and videos ((this happens A LOT!))
  • Loss or damage to your wedding gifts
  • Lost wedding rings
  • Damage to wedding-day attire, including the bride’s wedding dress ((red wine… decently-drunk relatives raging on the dance floor… a dress isn’t immune to oopsies))

They come venue-recommended…

“My insurance company was going to charge me three times what eWed offers for less coverage. The venue told me about them, so I called right away and the owner was so nice to explain it all to me and send me all the information too. So glad to find them!!” ~ former bride, Alesa A.

And for the couples who decide on lots last-minute, you’re still in luck!

With eWed, you can purchase coverage anytime up to 1 day before your wedding.

  • No deductibles for lost deposits
  • Designed to meet your venue's insurance requirements
  • Free Certificates of Insurance for your venue
  • Host Liquor Liability included at no additional cost
  • Rehearsal dinner, wedding, and farewell brunch locations are all covered for one low price - MAJOR!!! 

Wedding Insurance Definitely Needs to Be a Line Item In Your Budget Photo Credit:

What more can you ask for when it comes to keeping your special day safe and sound? Get a quote RN!!


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We partnered with eWed Insurance to give you the lowdown on signing up to safeguard your best day ever. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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