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Wedding Emergencies That Will Most Likely Happen (And How to Handle Them!)

Wedding Emergencies That Will Most Likely Happen (And How to Handle Them!) Photo:

When you think of your wedding, you dream of the perfect day, but, as we all know, perfect days are hard to come by. It's important to prepare for what could go wrong so that if and when it does, you and your team are ready. We're talking about everything from minor inconveniences like a rogue wrinkle on your gown to big issues like your limo driver getting lost (with you inside it!). Thankfully, Be Inspired PR reached out to some of the best, most experienced pros in the industry and got their advice on how to handle and ultimately avoid all of these dicey situations. 

Your dress doesn’t fit correctly 

“Try on your wedding dress one last time, one week before your wedding to make sure that everything looks the way you envisioned it. A plus: try it with your accessories and shoes to make sure everything looks like you want. Also, by trying your wedding gown one week before your big day, you can make sure that the dress still fits properly.”- Sarah Alouache, Creative Director, Designer & Founder of Sarah Alouache Bridal. If you do find that your gown doesn't fit, call your alterations specialist to schedule an appointment for a quick fix before the big day. 

There’s inclement weather 

Wedding Emergencies That Will Most Likely Happen (And How to Handle Them!) Photo:

“Mother Nature can put a damper on your big day, especially if you're planning to host part or all of your wedding outdoors. Snow, rain, and even intense heat can come outta nowhere. This is where a contingency plan can save the day—so be sure to ask your wedding venue about theirs. Just keep in mind that a Plan B isn't always free! It may cost a pretty penny to reserve that extra "just in case" event space, those outdoor heat lamps, or that gorgeous sailcloth tent. You want to make sure that if a contingency plan does need to be activated, it won't bust your budget. If there's a chance of really bad weather (e.g. hurricane or monsoon season) or even a chance of a natural disaster like wildfires, then consider getting Wedding Cancelation coverage. This type of insurance may protect not only your venue deposit but also any lost or non-refundable vendor deposits.”- Jenna Miller, Creative Director of Here Comes The Guide 

a guest who has a few too many cocktails 

“One wedding horror story is seen too frequently and truly cannot be prevented: the overly drunk guest. I have had guests sick in the bushes, passed out on toilets, and unable to walk because they might have pre-gamed a litttttttttle too hard. The best way to prevent a belligerent guest is to make sure there is ample food and water throughout the night. If that person still has had too much to drink, designate a friend to watch over him/her and make sure that guest goes home early (and safely!).”- Melanie Levin, Owner and Principal Planner of LuckEleven Events 

Your dress rips–or worse, gets a stain on it 

Wedding Emergencies That Will Most Likely Happen (And How to Handle Them!) Photo:

“Have an emergency kit if something happens on your big day. Be sure to include a sewing kit, safety pins, fashion tape, and stain removers. Ask your maid of honor or a bridesmaid to carry it with her in her purse or somewhere near just in case you would need it.”- Sarah Alouache, Creative Director, Designer & Founder of Sarah Alouache Bridal  

Your transportation breaks down 

“If you are hiring a limo bus service to transport the bridal party, make sure this company has reputable reviews. We have seen limo-buses break down, the air conditioning not working on a hot day, or the drivers not knowing where to go even though all of the information was provided to them. There are many limo companies out there, so do your due diligence and choose wisely! This is not always the cheapest option but it's important to go with the surefire best. The flowers, entertainment, and guests attending your wedding are of no good to you if you aren't there!”- Valarie Falvey, Kirkbrides Wedding Planning & Design 

Vendors are running late 

Wedding Emergencies That Will Most Likely Happen (And How to Handle Them!) Photo:

“An emergency you may not know about if you have a great planner, but happens ALL THE TIME, is vendors running late. Sometimes, this is not preventable because cars break down, people get lost, among other excuses. The best way to prevent this is to ensure the vendors confirm they have the timeline, address, and arrival instructions. If that is done and they are still late, the best way to make up for their tardiness is to slowly delay all the other activities. Start 10 minutes late if the officiant is late. Extend cocktail hour 10 minutes if the DJ is not set up. Just make sure all the other vendors are on the same page so you can all adjust the timeline together.”- Melanie Levin, Owner and Principal Planner of LuckEleven Events  

Someone’s having wardrobe malfunctions 

“One classic wedding emergency is a wardrobe emergency. Don’t risk something not fitting correctly, not matching, or not having your outfit at all! Choose vendors that give you plenty of options to try out your outfit before the big day, color-coordinate your wedding party, and most importantly…make sure you and everyone in your wedding party can get their outfits long before the wedding date. Don’t settle for a last-minute pick up the day before and risk an incorrect fit, or getting stuck in traffic and not getting to the store before they close. Look at how your vendors will provide their services and take some of the stress out of your wedding planning.”- Matt Ramirez, SVP of Marketing, Generation Tux  

You have a falling or melting cake 

Wedding Emergencies That Will Most Likely Happen (And How to Handle Them!) Photo:

“Another common emergency is the falling or melting cake. Do not, I repeat DO NOT, have your cake delivered and set outdoors if it is a warm day or in direct sunlight for an extended period. We have had couples that insisted their cake be out the entire reception and quickly learned to regret it. Be smart and store the cake in air conditioning and have it brought out when it is time for cutting!”- Nora Sheils, Founder Bridal Bliss, Co-Founder Rock Paper Coin 

You’ve got wedding day blemishes 

“If you wake up with a little friend on your face the first thing you should NOT do is pop it. Make sure your hands are clean and apply an ice cube on it for the swelling. You can also apply a pimple cream that contains salicylic acid. When applying your wedding makeup make sure that either your makeup artist (or yourself if you’re doing your own makeup) does not use an oil-based foundation or concealer. The biggest thing to remember is to relax. Life is never perfect and this special day is about you marrying the love of your life. Everything will work itself out in the end.”- Lisette Gatliff, Lisette OC Photography 

There’s a family feud or disagreement 

Wedding Emergencies That Will Most Likely Happen (And How to Handle Them!) Photo:

“Another emergency you might face is family feuds. Although weddings should be a time to celebrate, some longstanding family issues may arise when everyone is in the same room. The best way to prevent this is to seat family members who have problems with each other on opposite sides of the room, facing opposite ways and surrounded by people who make them happy. If they still find each other to argue it out on the dance floor, ask them to set their differences aside or leave the premises. No one needs a downer on the wedding day!”- Melanie Levin, Owner and Principal Planner of LuckEleven Events


“A big emergency we have seen happen time and time again is a couple panicking over going way over budget! This can easily be avoided by creating to and sticking to a budget early on, and also using a platform to keep expenses organized and clear (such as Rock Paper Coin) from beginning to end.”- Nora Sheils, Founder Bridal Bliss, Co-Founder Rock Paper Coin 

Someone forgets or doesn’t steam their garments 

Wedding Emergencies That Will Most Likely Happen (And How to Handle Them!) Photo: Layce Bauman Photography

“There's always one in every bunch–the wedding party member that did not listen to directions and take their garments out to let the wrinkles relax. Most resorts will have pressing available but always pack a steamer (or check in with your Planner, they've likely got one in their kit!) to make wrinkles a distant memory. On the topic of forgetting things, if you're packing your own emergency kit, always throw in a couple pairs of extra dress socks for those wearing suits that might have misplaced and/or spaced on bringing their own.” - Ashley Lachney, Owner of Alston Mayger Events  

You’re having ceremony music difficulties 

“The musician’s running late for the ceremony! If they are only a few minutes late then it won't affect the day too much. Find a music source at your venue as guests are mingling and waiting. Plan B if they are not going to make it in time: reach out to your reception DJ or band in case they can help out early or use an iPhone playlist of ceremony music on a speaker at your venue or Bluetooth speaker.”- Jamie & Stephanie, Cape Cod Celebrations 

There’s a last-minute vendor cancellation 

Wedding Emergencies That Will Most Likely Happen (And How to Handle Them!) Photo:

“It can be really stressful if you have a vendor, like let’s say a makeup artist, cancel last minute on you. The first thing I would do is get in touch with your other vendors that are going to be a part of your big day because it’s likely that they have connections to more vendors that could potentially fill the spot you’re now missing!”- Lisette Gatliff, Lisette OC Photography

Guests aren’t following the seating plan 

“You will inevitably have guests tinkering with the seating plans for the reception! Whether it's future mother-in-laws moving their friends closer, or your cousin swapping seats with someone else in order to sit next to the cute, single guest, just assume it will happen. The best possible advice we have (and all the seasoned wedding pros on WedBrilliant would give): go with the flow! Let it go and know that you won't even remember this in the future. Focus on the wonderful memories you're making with your sweetie and whenever anything goes wrong during your special day, try not to dwell on it!”- Melissa Wilmot, Founder & CEO, WedBrilliant

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