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Wedding Day Tips

Wedding Day Tips

Ok girls! Listen up, I am about to give you some great tips for getting ready on the day of! These little details can really help you relax and have a nice time without all the stress!

Get ready in a pretty room that has plenty of window light. Choose a room that will look nice in photos and has somewhere to hang your dress.

Limit the number of people getting ready in the room with you. The fewer bodies, the cooler and more mellow atmosphere it will be. If you are having a very large bridal party, you might want to have them arrive all dressed and ready in time to help you into your gown.

Keep the little ones in another room. You won’t have any stress over little hands touching your white gown. Little ones often get stressed out on these big days and shed a few tears which can stress you out.

Bring an ipod so you can have some great background music. Bob Marley, John Mayer, Jack Johnson, or Coldplay can help relax you and make you happy at the same time!

Consider some light-alcoholic beverages to take the edge off. Champagne and assorted fresh fruit and juices are a good choice. We don’t want you to get drunk!! We just want you to relax a bit! (:

Bring all of the rings with you and make sure that they are sparkling clean! Bring a nice hanger for your dress, and make sure your shoes are clean (just in case you have been practicing dancing in them). Your photographer will thank you!
Finally, have a emergency kit handy with all the important items! Check out Gift Baskets - With You in Mind for some great ready make kits!

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