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Wedding Day Tips

Wedding Day Tips


1. Choose if you will see each other before the ceremony for photos or wait until after the ceremony based on the time of year and the time the sun will set. Ask your photographer when the light will be the best for photos.
2. Get a nice hanger for your dress. Have shoes, rings (clean please), and bouquet ready for photos.
3. Be sure that the getting ready room has plenty of natural light, is tidy, and not too crowded with people.
4. If you have a corset style dress, allow 20 minutes for lacing.
5. Shoes, shoes, shoes!!! Every bride wants to wear beautiful shoes on her wedding, but oh, the price she pays in PAIN!! Bring a comfy pair of shoes to wear for your reception.
6. Inform family members and wedding party to stay close after the ceremony.
7. Serve salads BEFORE speeches. Speeches that run long make for wilting salads and put dinner behind schedule.
8. Serve your vendors as you are served so they can take a break and be back for all of the action! No one likes their picture taken while they are eating anyway, so it's the perfect time.
9. Don't hold you cake ransom! Cut and serve your cake about an hour after dinner. Guests tend to enjoy their cake and coffee. We are pretty sure that the sugar and caffeine give them a second wind!
10. Enjoy your day, don't let the little things upset you. It's a little late at this point to worry about things not being perfect, so just go with the flow and have fun!! Remember, this is about your WEDDING and the commitment you are making to each other - not about your napkins being the wrong color. It's a day never to forget. Be humble, graceful, be grateful, and be a beautiful person on your special day.


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