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This One Thing Will Help You Go From Thinking About a Wedding to Planning One

This One Thing Will Help You Go From Thinking About a Wedding to Planning One

Getting engaged is an absolutely wonderful thing, but starting to plan the wedding is another story. We understand it, too; you go from this total high of getting proposed to, taking on a new title (fiancé/fiancée), and getting ALL the congratulations from friends, family, coworkers, etc. to having something to work towards. You can’t just go to sleep with visions of your future vows dancing in your head and wake up the next day with a wedding planned—from soup to nuts—awaiting you. It doesn’t happen that way: a lot of decisions need to be made, a lot of checks need to be written, and a lot of creative genius needs to be groomed before the big day comes to life. That’s why the perfect way to kick off the planning process is to invest in a serious planner or to ask for one as a gift. One of our favorites? The Wedding Planner from Mimo’s Ideal Products.

Planners are going to be more on-point than books are

We love a good wedding planning book, really, but the thing about books is how prescriptive and aspirational they are. It’s amazing to be able to flip through a book and get inspiration from real weddings, but the truth is, you’ll probably only be gleaning commentary and style guidance from celebrations that adhere to a certain aesthetic (and expense tier). If you’ve always been excited about a vintage-rustic wedding and you’re consulting a wedding planning book filled with blueprints of classic or romantic soiree stylings, then you might just get discouraged.

This One Thing Will Help You Go From Thinking About a Wedding to Planning One

Books are also pretty straightforward, they leave very little room for exploration, trend interpretation, or wedding wish/want lists. With a planner, though, you’ll have a beautiful mix of inspiration and open-ended worksheets, templates, and blank space to journal to energize and motivate your wedding plans. They’re also more flexible, giving suggested timelines for when X action item would be good to be handled by or for when y should be taken care of—they provide a roadmap for planning purposes, but what you pass along the way is your decision, because no one’s wedding planning journey is the same!

Why the planner from Mimo’s Ideal Products is truly perfect

We have a lot of reasons why we love the Mimo’s Ideal Products planner, but first and foremost, an analogy: this planner is to a bride or groom as a baby is to their security blanket. Bear with us, we’re getting there… Going back to the notion of a night-and-day-type transition of feelings between the elation of just getting engaged to the fear and stress of starting to plan your wedding, you’ll want something to keep you grounded, organized, forward-thinking, confident, and fearless throughout the entirety of your planning progress. And this planner does exactly that. It is a printed book where you can keep annotations of ideas, schedules, checklists, and all the information you amass as it relates to the most important event of your lives. It does so in an incredibly-buttoned up way, as well, so that no details are missed or overlooked.

This One Thing Will Help You Go From Thinking About a Wedding to Planning One

Whether you have an idea of the type of wedding you’d like or feel completely overwhelmed with the sheer amount of choices at hand, you can find tips and ideas in Mimo’s Ideal Planner to springboard you into strategizing the most unique and memorable affair.

Here’s how it does just that:

It keeps that just-engaged glow of yours, well, glowing

Unlike a basic old planner, this one comes with all the [wedding] bells and whistles. The beautiful box it’s packaged in makes the perfect gift for you and your partner—plus a keepsake to cherish long after the special day is done. Every page, too, is full of color, ceremony+reception categories, and illustrations to ignite your creative spark.

It functions, essentially, like a wedding planning starter kit 

If your fear of getting started is real, you can feel relieved to have a planner that serves as the one book for everything, including: a one-year timeline checklist, an 18-month undated blank calendar, vision boards, a budget section, venue+vendor questionnaires, guest etiquette tips, honeymoon ideas, and even some post-wedding tips.

This One Thing Will Help You Go From Thinking About a Wedding to Planning One

It gives you the tools to stay coordinated

In addition to the magic inside the book, you have a letter-sized pocket to fit all of your cutouts (vintage magazine clippings of that perfect dress or those perfect shoes you saw X years ago, #swoon), documents, and contracts, and supplementary online support for extra templates to add to your collection.

It lets you track your progress 

If you ever worry, again, that you’ve hit a wall or feel behind in planning, you can flip back and forth through your book to see where you started and where you still need to go.

This One Thing Will Help You Go From Thinking About a Wedding to Planning One

The most complete planner out there, nbd

“I highly recommend this planner for any bride starting to plan their dream wedding. What a beautiful wedding planner—sturdy and durable—I couldn’t be more pleased. It has actually taken my anxiety away; I feel more organized, I am on top of the details, and, overall, I feel like I am on track. With a couple of months left before the wedding, I am utilizing the organization of the planner to the max. My boyfriend has been checking in with me, and has started to add his own wedding ideas to the planner. We are staying as close to our budget as possible, and, most importantly, he’s involved in the planning. I love the little tips, the countdown has been a huge help for us to keep track of the important details, and the thoughtfulness and level of organization in this planner is the extra element I needed to plan the perfect day.” ~ Martita

This One Thing Will Help You Go From Thinking About a Wedding to Planning One

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