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The Complete Micro Wedding Etiquette Guide

The Complete Micro Wedding Etiquette Guide

When it comes to planning your micro wedding, or attending as a guest, there are some rules, guidelines, tips and tricks that you should always keep in mind! Luckily, the team at Be Inspired PR has gathered industry expert advice and insight into planning the micro wedding of your dreams with ease! Scroll down to see all the dos and don’ts for guests and couples attending and hosting a micro wedding this year.

Quality over trendy when it comes to accessories "Re-allocate a portion of your original budget to elevate the quality of smaller details, like your bridal accessories that often times are overlooked or missed during a bigger event. Planning for a micro wedding can offer the opportunity to purchase higher quality accessories.  We encourage brides to do just that, buy quality over quantity.  Our handbags are made by hand in Italy and NYC using the finest materials and craftsmanship.  Our classic designs allow you to re-wear your clutch, long after your wedding day.  Imagine date night or your anniversary with your bridal clutch in your hand.  The nostalgia and beautiful memories of your wedding day relived with every re-use” - Maria Caruso – Martin, Founder and Creative Director, The Mrs Clutch.

Make sure to actually keep it “micro.” “Typically, only your closest family members and friends attend. Since it’s such a small group, don’t overlook locations that might not have been an option with a larger wedding, such as your favorite hiking spot. And take advantage of the ability to showcase your own creativity. DIY to your heart’s content! Since everything is on a much smaller scale, it’s more feasible to make your own floral arrangements, invitations, etc.” - Lisette Gatliff, Lisette OC Photography.

The Complete Micro Wedding Etiquette Guide

Don’t skimp on the pre- and post-wedding details. “Every event surrounding your wedding deserves the same level of style! Even though you’re having a smaller wedding, that doesn’t mean you should skimp on the details that matter most to you. Get the wedding dress of your dreams, buy that chic jumpsuit you were eyeing for your rehearsal dinner, treat yourself to the bridal-inspired swimsuit you were considering for your honeymoon – don't let a smaller guest count push you to make sacrifices on your style. Instead, look at it as saving to put towards yourself. This is one event in your life that you’ll look back on and appreciate you didn’t skip the details!” - Kat Platt, Co-Founder + Designer, Bliss-On by Kat Platt.

As a guest, don’t underdress just because it’s a smaller guest count. “At Generation Tux, we’ve noticed that micro weddings have grown in popularity and served a purpose during the pandemic when determined couples found ways to get married. But pandemic or not, micro weddings are here to stay. If you’re lucky enough to make the invite list to one of these downsized affairs, make sure you still show up to the small ceremony in a big way. We recommend that you dress for a micro wedding the same way you would for a large ceremony with a stylish suit or classic tuxedo, whichever is appropriate for the wedding you’re attending. On our website, you can also make the look your own by adding interesting accessory colors and fun socks. If you have the freedom to be a little casual, you can skip the tie but still dress to impress in a classic suit jacket and pants paired with a crisp dress shirt and dress shoes.” - Matt Ramirez, SVP of Marketing, Generation Tux.

Focus on the guest experience! “Smaller guest counts mean that couples can really focus on guest experience and personalized touches. When you don't have to fill your reception space with large numbers of tables, it leaves room to incorporate SO many other ideas. Add in a few cozy lounge areas, create a beautiful bar/cocktail area, or even focus the few guest tables you do have under one large hanging floral installation for maximum impact. The possibilities are endless!” - Kara Brewer, Owner, The Barn of Chapel Hill at Wild Flora Farm.

The Complete Micro Wedding Etiquette Guide

Opt for a chef-driven experience for your guests. "With a smaller guest count, there is likely more budget that you can allot to items like your menu. There are some major pros when it comes to having a plated dinner service at your wedding. First, the meal is beautifully presented with a more chef-driven dining experience. The elevated guest perception is wonderfully paired with perfectly executed service. Plated dinners also allow for guests to remain seated and socially distant, which is still something to continue to be cautious of.” — Sarah Kuhlberg, Creative Director, Colette's Catering

Utilize a tool that does the hard work for you. "We get it, planning a wedding is stressful! And the endless research vetting vendors is time consuming. Here at Tahoe Unveiled, we have streamlined the entire process to relieve you from all the headaches. Our innovative Micro Wedding booking tool features all the exciting parts involved with booking & designing your wedding and removes the hassles and time consuming elements. You select the services you're interested in, and we match you with the correct vendors! It's that easy." - Stephanie Martin, Founder, Tahoe Unveiled.

Take advantage of the extra time you’ll have with your guests. “Even with fewer guests, you can create a one-of-a-kind event that your guests will love. Create memorable moments to spend time with your guests, like a fire pit with a s’mores bar, hot cider, scotch and cigars. Take full advantage of the extra time you’ll get with your guests to make every moment worthwhile.” - Michelle D’Anna, Michelle's Catering.

The Complete Micro Wedding Etiquette Guide

You’ve postponed your wedding – Now what to expect when it comes to gifting? “Regardless of when your wedding is, guests still want to celebrate you and will most likely gift you something from your registry. There is a good chance that gifts might trickle in a little slower and closer to your postponed date. Take the time to revisit your registry and update your wish list based on what gifts you’ve already received and what gifts are left at different price points.” - Silpa Yadla, Founder and CEO, Nook + Cove.

You’ve had to downsize your guestlist, do you need to return gifts? “Are you expected to return a wedding gift if that person is no longer invited to the wedding? According to wedding etiquette you are not required to return the gift. You originally wanted the guest at your wedding and now circumstances outside of your control have changed, forcing you to downsize. The guest should not take this as an insult towards them. If you personally feel that you would like to return the gift you can reach out to the guest and let them know. If they however insist that you keep it, you should graciously accept the gift.” - Silpa Yadla, Founder and CEO, Nook + Cove.

Should you expect gifts if you’re having a virtual wedding? “Wedding gifts are supposed to be a celebration of the couple and a way of helping the couple start their new life together. Regardless of how someone attends the wedding, although not a must, it is good etiquette to give a gift. Guests might stray from the registry list and send something on their own terms. No matter what gift you receive, make sure you thank each and every guest for their attendance and/or gift.” - Silpa Yadla, Founder and CEO, Nook + Cove.

The Complete Micro Wedding Etiquette Guide

Forget the typical photo booth backdrop, upgrade to a floral installation for your guests to take memorable photos in front of. “You can create a sophisticated and chic background with an artistic floral installation that would take the place of the typical flashy fabric backdrop that comes with the photo booth rental. Ask your florist to incorporate the same types of flowers from the rest of the wedding arrangements to keep things coordinated. The key to making this a wow statement is keeping the focal point of the arrangement at eye level so its visible in every selfie your guests take.” - Alyssa Abshier and Victoria Nadler, CEO's and Founders, Amber Sol Collective.

Go for mood lighting, fairy lights or outdoor lighting to set an ambient tone that makes you feel like you’re dancing under the stars. “By draping strands of lights, creating an A-frame structure, or twisting them through tree branches, you can transform a room or backyard to an entirely different space, really elevating the atmosphere and dreaminess of the night. Play around with colors and sparkle settings to add movement to the scene, for some extra romance. And Pro Tip - look for battery powered lights to include for less mess with wires and cords!” - Alyssa Abshier and Victoria Nadler, CEO's and Founders, Amber Sol Collective.

Create an intimate lounge for after-hours chats. “Close friends and family will be visiting each other and catching up between dances, so set a comfy lounge for authentic conversations and catch ups to happen. It doesn’t take much to recreate a living room set in your small venue or backyard. All you need are a few cute cushions, day beds or couches, funky rugs, and decorative side tables to invite people to cozy up. Tie in your event’s flowers by adding a mini arrangement or two of the side tables. And for finishing touches, outline the area with candles and/or lanterns to give the whole space a warm glow.” - Alyssa Abshier and Victoria Nadler, CEO's and Founders, Amber Sol Collective.

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