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This Awesome App Makes Splitting Wedding Expenses So Much Easier

Tandem Sharing App

Okay, so we’ll say it for the 900th time, planning a wedding is expensive. AF. And even when venues say that they’re a one-stop-shop for wedding celebrations, it’s kind of stretching the truth — because yes, they might give you t he ceremony and reception space, the food and bev, a trusted on-staff wedding photographer or videographer, perhaps even the event decor, but there are always extras. Your band, your florist, your stationer, your transpo, and the list can keep growing. It’s just a lot.

All good, great stuff, no doubt, but at the end of the day there will be an inevitable running list of things you need to pay for. In steps the amazing app Tandem. The easiest way for couples to share expenses.

How it Works

Tandem Sharing App

You and boo can keep detailed spreadsheets, diligent notepad memos, even dry erase board entries on the refrigerator about who’s covering what wedding elements, but it gets sticky and stressful. That’s why we’re BIG fans of the new Tandem app. Touted as the easiest way for couples to share expenses, Tandem promises an end to unsatisfied Venmo requests, mental math, and money fights… Ooh, we like that.

The couple that splits the [wedding] bill together, stays together

Tandem Sharing App

So, this is how the app works…

  • Tandem integrates with your credit/debit cards and automatically pulls in your expenses (eliminating the back-and-forth of Venmo), without the need to get a joint account

  • And not all couples share things 50/50 (especially if one of you just needs to have a fancy getaway car, out-of-season blooms that need to be flown in for the occasion, a custom pair of shoes to walk down the aisle with, or a sought-after string quartet for the procession), so Tandem is completely customizable. You can do a 70/30 or 60/40 split, whatever works for you two

  • Users can opt to automate expenses that they’ve been tag-teaming with their partner (venue installments, vendor deposits and final payments, tips for the wedding day itself, etc.)

  • Tandem calculates one running total of who owes who. You will only see expenses shared between you and your partner

  • Lastly, you can settle up whenever you want from within the app (maybe you’ll want to go into your wedding day with no outstanding debts to each other or maybe you’ll want to save the settling for when you get back from the honeymoon)

Tandem Sharing App

Why do you need it?

Well, for one, it’s FREE
(that’s not something you hear very often when you’re planning a wedding)...

  • As nice as it sounds to say you’ll make every I do decision together, you’ll go to every appointment together, you’ll drop off wedding payments in tandem, every time, that just won’t happen. Because, life. With Tandem, you can add in a manual expense each time you make a payment and then square up your splits later.

  • It’s hard to keep track of every single $$$ when you’re engaged. Save the dates, added applique with your invitations, an extra band member for your reception, special champagne flutes for your first toast as a married couple, vendor meals for your I do crew, etc. So, having Tandem integrate your credit and debit cards in order to keep tabs on your transactions is epic. Once you have them outlined, you can start swiping those that you want to split.

  • Let’s be honest, who wants to kick off their happily ever after with a bunch of overhead? I.e. things that you always have hanging over your heads, weighing on you. Things that your partner could (and we’re not saying should) whip out in a fit of pre-wedding rage just to make you feel bad. You know what we mean, the “ummm, well I paid for X, Y, and Z for this wedding so far, what the hell have you contributed to?!” conversations. Tandem keeps you up to date with what you owe, what your partner owes, and what you’ve already split. So, you can keep each other honest and accountable. You handle yours, they handle theirs, and you’re 👍.

In short, we’re so happy it exists, because money issues can wreak havoc on wedding planning.

Tandem Sharing App

These Couples Are Into It, Too

“Being able to easily split expenses with my fiance and not have much effort in it is a great benefit. I also get to use my credit card to take advantage of the rewards.”

“We currently use a combination of Venmo and spreadsheets to track how we split items. Tandem seems to be a MUCH easier way to handle this. The custom % and $ splitting capability is perfect."

“This app is a GAME CHANGER. My husband and I freaked out when I found it. THANK YOU!”

Follow Tandem on Tik Tok - There is a whole series on couples finance and “things power couple's do.”

Download the FREE APP , and start following Tandem on Insta right now. The cofounders legit strategized the creation of this app as they were planning their own wedding, so they got the pain points. Authenticity FOR THE WIN!


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