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Reasons Why You Should Never Bring a Gift to the Wedding

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There are few things in life that everyone can agree on, but being invited to a wedding and giving the couple a gift to celebrate their newly-minted marital bliss is pretty much business as usual. Right? We can come to a consensus on that. Well, we’re going to flip the switch and blow your mind a bit 🤯 - with five reasons why you should never bring a gift TO the wedding and what to do instead, since you’re probs feeling a little ambivalent about the whole situation. Go ahead, have a read, we know you’re curious.

If you have a wedding on the calendar in the next few months, it might be something to consider, since it’s certainly something that all good wedding guests do. We’re all for bringing fun, bringing good vibes, and bringing cash to the wedding to help out their honeymoon fund, but there’s no reason you need to bring an actual gift to the wedding. And we’ll tell ya why. It’s simple really.

One last pre-wedding worry

Okay, how many of you have vowed to get wrapping paper, cards, tissue paper, etc. way before the next event to avoid having to do it all last minute - or, you know, have had to stop at the bank EN ROUTE to the reception to take out cash for the gift. No, just me? That’s BS!!! Everyone has had to do it. But if you didn’t have to worry about bringing a gift, you might just make it to the main event on time - AND avoid all of that stress. So you can allocate all that extra time and energy to making sure you’re looking good and starting the party right. [Signature] cocktail, please and thank you 🍸

Newlyweds don’t want to deal with a whole bunch of s*** to bring home (even though they ❤️ it, of course)


At the end of their wedding weekend, every couple just wants to go home and get comfy AF. They might be hungover, fuzzy over the whirlwind of a few days they’ve just had, and/or stressed out over packing for their honeymoon (me. that was me). And the last thing they want to do is have to call an Uber XL to come pick up all the gifts that were left on their gift table (because yes, they had it, but it was kind of just for show. #obligatorygifttable - check!). So, don’t add to their stress.

Registries can handle it for you


Having now gotten married and had a baby, I’ve learned so much about special occasion gift registries. Having the gifts delivered to my house, with a cute little note of congratulations from my favorite fam and friends - it’s just the best. Alsoooo, if you’re the one doing the buying for the bride and groom, you literally just have to pick the item out of the plethora of things on their registry, add to cart, and pay, then the retailer will handle everything else. They’ll ship directly to the couple, and you’ll get some sort of delivery notification - so that you know your present arrived safely. You don’t need to worry about wrapping anything. AND, for the couple, getting the gift at home, with a note from the guest and a return slip can be all be filed away for thank you cards and easy returns later on. If necessary.

Gifts can get lost, so just bail on the whole thing

Have you seen that episode of The Office where Phyllis and Bob Vance (of Vance Refrigeration) get married? And Creed saunters over to the gift table, rips the card off of one present, throws it out, and sticks his own card in its place. Great, great episode. But it illustrates a huge point. When you bring your gift to the wedding, you risk it getting lost or hijacked by another desperate guest - okay, thissss doesn’t happen often, but it’s not out of the realm of possibility. If you don’t bring anything, it can’t disappear. So, save yourself any strife just by sending something in advance.

Couples dig gifts before and after the wedding


We can’t even tell you how excited a bride gets when those wedding gifts start trickling in. It’s just like response cards starting to arrive in the mail. A bride just lives for it. Especially if things are addressed to the ‘Future Mrs. Smith.’ Ahhh, to see her new last name in all its glory. So, she’ll most definitely appreciate your forwardness in sending something before the big day. And if you don’t bring something to the wedding, but still want to give a gift (which you should, we implore you), you supposedly have up to a year to send something. Although we wouldn’t wait that long, the couple will be amped up to get something after the wedding anyway. So, you’ll be party to their smiles even after the best day of their lives. 

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