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Free suit or tux for the wedding couple.

Free suit or tux for the wedding couple.

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Joy Proctor’s Dream Wedding With Idris Elba

Joy Proctor Photo by:

Hold on to your planning binders because we have the amazing Joy Proctor sharing her dream wedding with us! What and who does this wedding icon choose for her very own dream wedding? We have the details for you all the way down to the groom - nice choice by the way, Joy. Keep reading to see the best of the best in wedding style!

If for some reason, you aren't familiar with Joy - welcome to the wedding world and it's nice to see you out from under that rock! Joy Proctor is a destination wedding planner and designer known for her elegant yet understated design. As one of the most highly sought after destination wedding stylists in the world, she has planned over 400 weddings from Bali to Italy, France to Napa Valley. Not only the designer of the Style Me Pretty book cover and regular features in publications such as Martha Stewart, Brides and the Knot. Joy's design work has earned her international praise from the wedding industries top vendors, venues and publications. Be sure to take a look at her work here.

Dream Photographer

jose villa weddings Photo By:

Mr. Jose Villa, you know, the one and only. The master of light and film. Yes, that's him. Jose creates the kind of images that make you want to get married. He evokes emotion you didn't know you had even for perfect strangers and most importantly, he's a genuinely nice person. Can you tell we love him? Not only a renowned photographer, but a teacher and a pillar of the wedding community. We are on board with Joy's pick for her dream photographer.

Dream Ring


Joy has chosen the Pink Diamond by Harry Winston from Christies. It sold for a cool $3.64 million. Well, we love pink and if Joy loves this ring we are definitely going to look for the Etsy wedding budget version of this ring. This pink engagement ring is a little more in our budget and still really, really pretty.

Dream Dress

blue wedding gown Gown by:

This gown takes your "something blue" to a whole new level. This gorgeous blue wedding gown is by Elio Abou Fayssal from the  FW 2015 Collection.  Imagine floating down the aisle in this whimsical gown. 

Dream Venue

Chateau Vaux le Vicomteby by candlelight. Venue:

France, you say? Oui! Oui to this incredible venue! Très jolie! The  Chateau Vaux le Vicomteby by candlelight could be the most romantic venue we've seen. 

The architect Louis Le Vau was already widely celebrated when Fouquet called on his services in 1653. As the King’s “Principal Architect,” he had erected a number of Parisian mansions including the Hôtel Lambert. Considered the greatest ambassador of the Italianate style in France, Le Vau also drew inspiration from classical antiquity. Drawing on these traditional sources, he then created a powerful new style of his own, starting with Vaux-le-Vicomte – and thus lay the foundations of French architecture for the next 150 years.

Dream Groom

craig mcdean interview magazine Photo by:

Idris Elba. Well, hello Idris.  Stone cold fox. Handsome. Eye candy. Meow. I don't really have the words to express his hotness. If you do, please help me. This visual perfection graces the silver screen for your viewing pleasure. Not only is he British, but he was also a DJ when he was just a lad. DJ Big Driis - you can still spin for me. He's not nearly active enough for us on Instagram, but nonetheless check him out! 

Be sure to follow Joy Proctor on Instagram for the dreamiest inspiration. 

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