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Guide To Making A Fun Wedding Prelude Playlist

DJ Will Gill's Guide To Making A Fun Wedding Prelude Playlist Pro Level DJ + Emcee + CPT:

When it comes to the many aspects of wedding planning, one item most overlooked is the wedding prelude music. This is the collection of songs played as guests arrive for the wedding ceremony. When it comes to putting together the wedding prelude playlist, love songs are ideal. Theses types of songs set tone for the beautiful ceremony to come. 

As you're reading this great tips from DJ Will Gill, be sure to take a look at these beautiful Black Owned Wedding Venues featured in this post we found on Black Bride. You're definitely going to want your guests to be sitting in a gorgeous ceremony while listening to your prelude playlist.

Luxmore Grande Estate

Here at the estate luxury is simply our thing! We work closely with each of our clients to create an impeccable event that’ll be engraved in their memories for years to come! Whether you’re looking for custom linen, heavenly draping, or a unique menu, our sales + catering team will create a custom package to fit your needs.

Luxmore Grande Estate

Because love has been around since the beginning of time, we have almost an infinite amount of great songs to choose from, both classical and modern. 

That leaves two questions:

1. Do we choose classical music for an orchestral vibe?
2. Or, do we want modern music that guests can relate to?

Here’s a fun idea when making your wedding prelude playlist: Choose a hybrid of both!

Orchestral covers of popular songs are the best of both worlds. To the naked ear, they paint an atmosphere of classical music with string instruments, woodwinds, and pianos. As the song progresses, guests begin to recognize melodies and resonate with each song. 

Here’s a great example of an orchestral version of a popular song. Check out Daddy Yankee’s “Despacito” performed by Vitamin String Quartet. How long until you recognize it’s popular melody?

At about the 0:46 mark is when I’ve personally seen guests lean in to their date and ask, “why does this song sound familiar?”

LOFT at Castleberry Hill

Your once in a lifetime event should be something that everyone remembers! Weddings at The Loft are unique in every way. We have open and intimate event space that is perfect for wedding reception parties and seated dinners. Our Fair room comes equipped with a stage and dance floor. It is the perfect space to entertain your guest and have a special area for the wedding party. Our wedding coordinators have many years of experience and will work with you to make sure your wedding is as close to perfect as it can be.

LOFT at Castleberry Hill

Another example is Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect” performed by Steven C and Instrumental Pop Players

This one is an easily recognizable love song from the start. The 1:04 mark is where I see guests lip-syncing and swaying.

Orchestral covers of popular songs can be classy and fun at the same time. In addition, they are useful when the ceremony start time is running a little behind. 

The Cloth Mill at Eno River

The Cloth Mill is an unique, industrial chic wedding and event venue located in the heart of historic Hillsborough, NC. Exposed brick, cathedral windows, original wood beams, and lots of character makes it the perfect place for your wedding or special event.

The Cloth Mill at Eno River

The Piano Guys have some of the best orchestral covers of popular songs. My favorite is their version of Just The Way You Are.

This is one of those arrangements that will make a guest say, “Wait. Why do I know this song?” Now you have a light-hearted game of Name That Tune going, keeping guests busy, especially if an unforeseen delay occurs.

There are many great musicians who have dedicated their talents to reinventing wedding music. These artists include Piano Guys, Vitamin String Quartet, Romeo Loves Juliet, The O’Neill Brothers Group, and my favorite Chloe Flower.

It’s worth noting that not all orchestral covers for weddings have to be love songs, as Chloe Flower clearly proved in this powerful and captivating version of Old Town Road.

Clevedale Historic Inn

A wedding at Spartanburg’s Clevedale Historic Inn and Gardens is sure to be a celebration of elegance. The four acre property has seven distinctly unique indoor and outdoor settings from which to choose. So, let us assist you in designing your special day with referrals for top notch wedding planners/coordinators, caterers, photographers, florists, and musicians.

Clevedale Historic Inn

There is no wrong way to selecting your wedding prelude music. No two weddings are alike, so make it yours and yours alone. Whether you have a live band or a wedding DJ handling the audio aspects of the ceremony, consider adding orchestral covers that can provide the best of both worlds. Here a great Spotify playlist containing a wide range of popular songs of the last half-century. 

As most guest arrivals are 30 minutes, plan on having about 10 songs to set the tone of the day. Happy planning and congrats on your upcoming wedding!

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