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Book your wedding hotel like a pro with this free tip

how to book your wedding venue with groups360

What if we told you that there was a website where you could input all the details about your dream wedding (destination, date, number of guests) and they would give you a list of all of the available hotel venues with prices and availability…and make it super easy for you to book it online! Meet Groups360, the creators of the online hotel booking site GroupSync, the easiest way to book a hotel venue for your wedding. GroupSync will not only help you find and book your perfect hotel venue, this website can help you book hotel lodging for all of your guests and even track their bookings all from one convenient website. The best part? It’s FREE. All you have to do is sign up for an account, input your event info, and book–it's that easy!

“I feel confident that any time I book through GroupSync, I’m getting the best deal on hotel rates.”

book a ballroom wedding venue with groups360

one search to end them all

book your destination wedding with groups360

Most couples start their venue search with Google, but have you seen Google? It’s endless! And even if you find the right venue, you’ll have to contact the hotel to check their dates, availability, and guest capacity. Then, if they do have your wedding date available for the ballroom, it’s still up in the air whether or not they’ll have enough room for a hotel block for all of your guests. There are sooo many variables. That’s how GroupSync came about. They wanted to streamline the hotel searching and booking process–and that’s exactly what they did! So instead of a million different searches on a million different hotel websites, with your FREE GroupSync account, you’ve only got one. Think of all the extra time you can spend on the fun parts of wedding planning–or just relaxing because that’s an option too! And before you ask, yes, GroupSync can help you find and book hotels anywhere in the world...so dream big!

“GroupSync makes the hotel booking process faster and easier.”

kyak for weddings is with groups360

save everyone time and money with hotel blocks

Not only will GroupSync save you time, it’ll save you and your guests $$$ too! They have connections at all the major hotel brands and can offer the lowest group discounts around. Plus, GroupSync can be used for any group hotel need after your big day–GroupSync makes it easy to search, shop, and book for any occasion. Everyone will receive an e-mail from Groups360 and can simply follow a link to make their reservation.

book your destination wedding resort with groups360

Ready to start (and finish) your venue and hotel search today? Click here to sign up for your free account.

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