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Five Ways Yoga Will Enhance Your Sex Life

how to improve your sex life with yoga

Considering incorporating Yoga into your health and wellness routine? Olivia Hadreas and Lilia Karimi of Wedwell (yoga specifically tailored to releasing bridal stress, and celebrating shared love) shared with us that not only does yoga disconnect from the distractions of everyday life, help you maintain a balanced metabolism and aid in weight reduction, but it also enhances your sex life. 

Yes... breaking out the yoga mat and practicing Savasana will spice to the bedroom in these 5 ways ...

1. Body Awareness

When you practice yoga, you bring awareness to every part of the body. You learn how to activate certain muscles, to stretch typically ignored areas, and feel what movements feel like at a variety of speeds. 

Throughout all of this movement, you are taking in information about what feels good in your body. By recognizing the unique composition of your body, you are able to recognize what feels good in your body (on the mat or in the bedroom) and be able to vocalize your preferences!

Build the habit of checking in with yourself by taking a seated meditation first thing in the morning. Mentally scan your body to check in with different areas, assessing what parts feel good and what parts could use a little movement.

2.  Self Love

With my personal sex life, I have a really hard time getting in the mood if I’m not feeling good about myself! Whenever I am tired, bloated, or experiencing something putting me in a less than stellar mood, I struggle to initiate sex, and have a hard time getting in the mood when my partner does.

Luckily, yoga has helped improve this aspect of my life in multiple ways. Yoga has empowered me to appreciate everything my body does, and not get hung up on outside appearances. Regardless of if I’m having a bad hair day or unexpected breakout, yoga helps me feel sexy by loving every part of my body, helping me experience a boost of positive energy through endorphins, and getting out of my own head. Through breathwork, empowering mantras, and reflection, I am able to separate myself from negative situations in my life, and to be fully present at my relationship and full of life.

practicing downward dog will enhance your sex life

My favorite pose to cultivate self-love is child’s pose. This pose offers me a calm grounding and allows me a moment to send myself uplifting thoughts. To try it yourself, take knees wider than your hips, and gently send hips back to heels. Stretch arms out in front of you, gently close your eyes, and take a few love-filled inhales and exhales here!

3. Flexibility

I know, I know, this one is a no-brainer. But it’s an obvious statement because it’s true! By increasing your flexibility you’re able to confidently experiment with new poses in the bedroom, allowing you to build new connections with your partner and explore what feels the best in your body.

increasing your flexibility will enhance your sex life

My sexual encounters are the best when I’m feeling empowered, confident, and comfortable. Yoga has definitely helped me tap into this mindset more freely, and I hope it does the same for you! One of my favorite stretches is a wide-legged forward fold. You walk your feet out until they are slightly wider than hips distance apart then hinge forward at the waist, bringing your chest towards the floor. From here, you can walk your hands forward, and over to either side, luxuriating in a full leg stretch.

4. Second Chakra Opening

Your hips are where your second chakra lies, which is connected to your creative expression. The second chakra is represented by the water element and helps you feel more sexually awakened when your energy is able to move free-flowing through it. Often we have a ton of tightness in our hips, which can lead to a stagnant feeling of sexual energy. When you open your hips you also increase feelings of creativity, and sexuality, so you can imagine how fun that gets in the bedroom.

open up your Chakra and enhance your sex life

My favorite hip opener is reclined bound angle pose. Start by laying on your back, with feet together and knees open. (see image above). From here you can place one hand on your stomach and one hand on your heart, connecting with your breath and feelings of love. Feel your hips start to open and embrace the waves of energy that may start coming from your pelvis. It’s even better to do this side by side with your partner! Talk about some enlightened foreplay. Wink wink.

5. Communication

In yoga class, you’re often unable to see the instructor, so you must depend on the words they use to guide your movement. Next time you take a class, listen to the concise language your instructor uses to help you move through your flow. There is a ton of inspiration we can take from the communicative nature of yoga class and apply to the bedroom. Practice open communication with your partner starting with foreplay (or even sooner)! See how empowering it feels to verbalize your desired speed, placement, poses, and anything else you want to talk through! By inviting open communication in the bedroom you are deepening your bond and ensuring your partner is aware of your needs, and you are aware of theirs! 

Go explore how yoga can enhance your sex life, and namaste (in bed)!

enhance your sex life with yoga

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