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Five Things Women Should Never Say To Men

Five Things Women Should Never Say To Men Photo by:

Men are humans. Like REAL humans. They have wants, needs and guess what else ... emotions. Real actual feelings. They feel. I think we often forget that about them in this way. Gender stereotypes have painted men into strong, stoic, hyper-macho, meathead muscle houses. Some are, but we are beyond naive if we think that men are not affected by our words. Some thoughts on why I think men don't cry if you care to know.

Gal pals, let's band together and start treating men the way that we want to be treated. It's really really easy. Think about what you're about to say and consider how you'd feel if someone said it to you. Think about what you are trying to communicate before verbally attacking your guy. 

Your partner is there for you and you are there for him - so show it. Be kind and choose words that will best communicate that your needs are not being met. He's not a mind reader. You have to inform him of your expectations, wants, needs and even disappointments and he needs to do the same.
If you're a man reading this, you may want to review 5 things men should never say to women.

"Be a man."

Ok ladies. Let's STOP saying this forever and always. This is like saying women belong in the kitchen and bedroom. Get it? It's a rude thing to say. IF you decide to acquire children in any way and raise a boy - hopefully this phrase will be erased from your mind by then.

Say This Not That

Please be kind.
Please be considerate.
Please be honest with me.
Please help me.

"All you do is... You never ..."

Try not to make generalizations about his habits, mainly because it will not help your cause. It's not effective communication.

Say This Not That

You've been hanging out with your friends a lot lately, I'd like to spend time with you.
You're playing video games more often, can we go for a walk together instead?
You're working late more than usual, thank you for working hard.
You look really handsome today, ya hot hunk you.
You did the dishes, thank you! Chores are sexy.

"Are you done yet?"

No, just NO ladies. Stop this. You know you've done it. Here's a newsflash, men have FEELINGS. This does not make anyone's feelings feel good.

Say This Not That

Oh yeah.
Or say nothing at all.
Literally say anything besides "Are you done yet?"
Ladies, I know what you're thinking and NO you cannot say hurry up.

"Is that what you're wearing?"

The answer is yes. That is what he is wearing otherwise he would be wearing something else. Also, who cares what he's wearing. Is he a nice and kind person? Yes? Well, then nothing else matters. Let him wear board shorts with socks and shoes or shorts with a thermal and a flannel. What's going to happen? Nothing. Nothing will happen if you don't like your man's outfit. Get over yourself.

Say This Not That

I love your style.
The event's kinda fancy, want to wear your black suit?
I love how you express yourself through fashion.

"You're too skinny."

Talk about emasculation. You're skinny? Oh wow, thanks. That makes me feel so good. Said no one ever.

Say This Not That

I love your body.
You're sexy.
Babe, you're hot AF.
Take me in the other room.
You make me feel good.
You're so sweet to me.

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