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Every High Heel Owner Needs These for Outdoor Weddings

Protect and Repair High Heels

We love wedding season, but not the toll it takes on our favorite high heels! How many times have you walked on a lawn and felt your heels sink into grass? Or teetered around while tiptoeing over gravel and grates? It's the worst!

GoGo Heel® STOPPERS are the perfect accessory to solve this problem. This clear high heel protector keeps stilettos clean and eliminates sinking and slipping on grass, gravel, cobblestone, and all other uneven surfaces. Hallelujah! Anything that protects the longevity of my favorite heels and makes walking in them easier is a must in my book! 

High Heel Stoppers For Easy Walking

GoGo Heel Stoppers to protect and repair your high heels


It gets better. All GoGo Heel® products are made in the USA using high quality, ultra-durable material so that you can enjoy your heel protectors again and again!

This is such a great gift for you and your bridesmaids! This is something that your bridal squad can use time and time again and will greatly appreciate having on your wedding day. Plus, if you order 20 pairs or more you will get a bulk discount, so give the gift of easy walking and share STOPPERS with everyone at your wedding! 

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