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Commitment Equals Eating Your Wedding Cake on Every Anniversary

Commitment Equals Eating Your Wedding Cake on Every Anniversary Photo Credit:

Some couples attribute their marital success to never going to bed angry, others say it’s more about showing daily appreciation for your spouse, but for Anne and David Cowburn, who have been married for nearly 50 years - it comes down to romance and sweet endings. Literally.

This adorable couple was recently featured in the New York Post, sharing a story that legit gave us a toothache (because it’s so sweet, right Clueless fans?). They’ve clinked forks and indulged in at least a bite of the top tier of their wedding cake on every anniversary since their nuptials in July of 1970. That’s 49 years, friends, one year out from their Golden anniversary - so, it makes sense that they’d savor every morsel of their golden cake (it was actually a vanilla cake, but close enough).

According to the Post, the Pennsylvania-based pair has kept the pastry in the freezer for half a century, even soldiering the sweet through five house moves in a shrine of Saran wrap and plastic baggies. Holy h***, that’s goals.

“It’s just a fun, romantic thing that we do” ~ Anne, 74

After almost five decades, the cake isn’t exactly confection perfection. Far from it, with David admitting to TODAY that the flavor these days resembles “something between cardboard or lighter fluid… doesn’t taste anything like cake at this point,” but we wouldn’t really imagine a cake this old retaining any of its original gluttonous glory. It’s just for the memories! 

Commitment Equals Eating Your Wedding Cake on Every Anniversary Photo Credit:

Neither of the two has ever gotten sick, either, which is obvi something we’d worry about - but apparently hasn’t been a problem for them! So, yay, maybe they’ve cracked the code on long-term freezing, because my husband and I couldn’t even stomach a few nibbles of our top tier… and that was only after year one… it tasted horrendous. These two are warriors!

Anne and David are down to one of the last crumbs going into their 50th year, so they’re hoping to have it baked into a new cake for their next anniversary - and we couldn’t think of a better way to honor their decade-long wedding dessert devotion.

But for the rest of us, who might not be sweet on sampling our wedding cake for the foreseeable future, here are a few other ideas to keep spreading the love of that fateful day (the day you said ‘I Do’) on each anniversary:

  • Recreate your wedding menu for a delicious date night
  • Dance to your first dance song while serenading each other 
  • Recite a favorite line from your vows before kissing each other goodnight and going to bed
  • Fashion your wedding gown into a ready-to-wear cocktail dress (pretty soon after the wedding) and wear it out with your partner on every anniversary
  • Stay at the hotel/inn/resort, etc. where you shared your wedding night each year - my husband and I have actually done this a few times (prior to getting married, we actually did it with the hotel we had our prom at #highschoolsweethearts)
  • Have simple portraits (like one or two posed, professional pics) taken together every year - a great way to literally see yourselves ‘growing old together.’

Anyone else have an adorable tradition like the Cowburns?

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