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Choosing the Right Wedding Jewelry: A Guide For Brides

how to choose the right wedding jewlery

Choosing the right jewelry for your wedding gown can be a daunting task, but with a little bit of planning and thought, you can find the perfect pieces that will complement your dress and complete your bridal look. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Consider the neckline of your dress.

The neckline of your wedding gown plays a big role when you buy bridal jewelry. For example, sweetheart necklines and strapless dresses are best paired with a choker or collar necklace, while plunging necklines are better suited for a pendant necklace or a pair of statement earrings. A halter neck dress doesn't leave much space for a necklace, but will work well with chandelier-style earrings.

Think about the overall style of your dress.

Your jewelry should complement the overall style and aesthetic of your wedding gown. If you have a heavily embellished wedding dress, look for dainty pieces and delicate jewelry. On the other hand, a simple gown allows you to go all out with a statement piece.

For a classic, traditional look, pearls or diamonds are always a good choice. For a more modern, edgy look, consider something bold and unique like colored gemstones or mixed metal pieces. Just remember to pick one piece of jewelry to be your focal point, and then choose supporting pieces that don’t clash against each other.

wedding hair ideas with florals

Don't forget about hair.

If you're wearing a simple, classic gown, a sparkling headband or a delicate hair vine is the perfect finishing touch. If your dress is more ornate, a simple jeweled comb or barrette may be the better choice.

If you'll be wearing your hair up, consider wearing a pair of dainty drop earrings or bold chandelier earrings that will make a big impact. If you'll be wearing your hair down, be mindful of how your hair and jewelry will interact. You don't want your hair to obscure any important details of your jewelry, or for your jewelry to get tangled in your locks.

Consider the theme of your wedding.

Your wedding theme will also help you choose the right jewelry. For example, a destination wedding in the tropics calls for something casual like a delicate gold pendant or plain gold studs, while more formal and elegant pieces will work best for a formal, black-tie wedding.

Match your jewelry to your wedding band.

If you’ve already shopped for wedding rings for women, coordinate the rest of your jewelry with it. Consider the style of your wedding band: is it a traditional gold band, a modern platinum band, or a vintage-inspired ring with intricate details? All the other parts of the bridal jewelry should complement the style of your wedding band, rather than compete with it. This will ensure that everything looks cohesive and polished.

how to choose your wedding jewlery

Be true to your personal style.

Trends come and go, but your wedding jewelry lasts forever. That’s why it’s more important to make decisions based on personal style and sentimental reasons instead of chasing trends. This is your big day, and you should feel comfortable and confident in your choices. The jewelry you wear should be based on what you know works and what you feel most confident in.

While we’re all about leveling up your everyday look and embracing this occasion to dress up, now is not the best time to experiment with a new style and get out of your comfort zone. If you prefer a simple and minimalist look, then go for it, but if you’ve always liked something a little more quirky and fun, then don\'t be afraid to do that either.

When in doubt, go for classics.

If you’re not sure, these three essential pieces will always look stunning no matter what your wedding dress is: a pair of diamond stud earrings, a solitaire necklace, and a tennis bracelet. You can also seek professional help from a jeweler to help you come up with the perfect bridal ensemble.

Zadok Jewelers, a wedding jewelry store located in Houston, has a wide selection of bridal jewelry, and the store staff can guide you to the best pieces that will bring out your best features for your walk down the aisle.

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