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8 Tips on Blending Classic Pieces From Different Styles into Your Event

bridal portrait ideas

 Be it through wedding marquee hire or an open air event, the outdoors has become the preferred backdrop for many a budding couple looking for a more uniquely personal destination than the more traditional varieties. Weddings & Whimsy is a boutique, couple led business that deals with you personally right from your initial request until and including collection of our rentals at the end of your event. The ethos of Weddings & Whimsy is to provide unique, authentic, personalized pieces that will enhance your event and we thrive on finding hidden treasures or physically creating a design from scratch!

We love working with our couples to create something incredibly special by blending and mixing different pieces from our authentic portfolio. Here we share our tips and ideas on how to combine pieces from different elements (specifically vintage and contemporary) across aspects of your wedding day. Keep reading to see stunning photographs by Nathan Wyatt and Alen Karupovic at the breathtaking venues El Viento and Venetsanos Winery and the perfect whimsical wedding cakes by Petran Art and Stories by Lea


sweetheart table ideas

Be it a romantic, intimate elopement or a larger affair, by combining differing chair and table styles you create something unique and from our experience, also expand the options on how to style your overall tablescape.
Photo: Alen Karupovic Venue: Venetsanos Winery Cake: Stories by Lea


dramatic tablescapes

A tablescape is like a blank canvas; one to which you can add as much or as little as you want to suit your style. It’s an opportunity to play with candles, fabrics, personalized keepsakes for your guests, florals. What we love most about tablescapes is that the options for décor are endless!
Photo: Nathan Wyatt Venue: El Viento Cake: Petran Art


bridal hair ideas

Add a vintage sparkle to tie in some old-world glamour to your day. Try to find an artisan local to you who lovingly creates small, delicate pieces of magic that you can incorporate.
Inside Info: The piece in this picture was made by my Mum!
Photo: Nathan Wyatt Venue: El Viento Cake: Petran Art


signing table set up

If you are going to be asked to sign any documentation at your ceremony which will be photographed extensively, why not look to include something quirky and unique by way of a signing table. Just imagine sitting at something as elegant as an antique writing desk; a piece that could also be utilized later for guest book signing. Ask your planner/vendors for pieces that are authentic and unique.
Photo: Nathan Wyatt Venue: El Viento Cake: Petran Art


bridal portrait set up

There will be plenty of opportunities for family, friends and group photos, and a chance for couple portraits at other locations. A great idea is to also have a little set up tucked away at the venue where you can take the opportunity for a couple of bridal portraits. Alternatively, this could be utilized during bridal preparation with your bridal party. What a fun way to start the day!
Photo: Nathan Wyatt Venue: El Viento Cake: Petran Art


cake display ideas

The wedding cake deserves to have the spotlight for a while before being cut; after all it is a work of art and one that will be savored by everyone. A little corner devoted for this little star with a combination of pieces provides great photo opportunities.
Photo: Alen Karupovic Venue: Venetsanos Winery Cake: Stories by Lea


reception lounge area

What better way than to let your guests take a load off/chill out/talk about the day than with a lounge area. These cozy corners are an ideal way to combine pieces from different eras to create something magical.
Photo: Nathan Wyatt Venue: El Viento Cake: Petran Art


cake cutting backdrop ideas

Adding a backdrop and a beautiful piece of furniture for your official cake cutting is again an opportunity to mix contemporary lighting with classic, antique pieces for romantic glamour.

Photo: Alen Karupovic Venue: Venetsanos Winery Cake: Stories by Lea

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