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6 Tips to Take Wedding Decor From Rustic Charm to Elegant Soirée

6 Tips to Take Wedding Decor From Rustic Charm to Elegant Soirée

We're excited to share these tips from Chic by NICOLE. Read on for some fabulous styling advice.

As a wedding planner + designer, we have the important job of figuring out ways to incorporate our clients' ideas and merge them with our design style. With the rustic trend still alive and kicking we have a lot of clients who want to go rustic, but just not all the way. Here are some tips we've compiled to keep that rustic flair but add a touch of glam to your event.

1. Use wooden details, but sparingly.

A nice wooden table or shelf is a great way to bring the Rustic vibe to your event but too many wooden elements can be overpowering and can give off a dinner in a barn feel. Instead add some glass, or metallic details and skip "all wood everything" approach.


2. Skip the mason jars

There are many great options that pair well with a wooden or industrial table. Talk to your florist or wedding designer and explore other centrepiece alternatives like aged ceramic vases or gold floral pots.


3. Upgrade your linens

Ditch the burlap for linens with a softer texture to change the look and feel of your event. Fabric options like linen provide a great canvas to add different textures to your table to elevate the look of your space.

6 Tips to Take Wedding Decor From Rustic Charm to Elegant Soirée

4. All the little details

Adding small personalized details to your event creates an intimate a more luxurious feel to your event. Examples include: monogrammed napkins, personalized favours, detailed individual guest menus or customized bar menus.


5. Ambiance

Lighting can create or add to the ambiance of your space. Ditch up lighting and option for tables full of lit candles or hang extra chandeliers from the ceiling to set the mood. 

6. Decorative objects and accents

Switch out lanterns for vases and other decorative items in your space. A new trend in wedding design incorporates items from home décor into event styling. Using pillows, vases and other items to fill your tables and shelves add a touch of elegance as well as creates a “homey” and intimate feel. 

Chic by Nicole

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