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6 Things to Write on the Bottom of Your S.O.’s Shoes

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There’s a lot to take care of at the end of the wedding planning process, and when it’s a week or merely days before you say ‘I Do,’ it’s freakishly normal to go full on autopilot, almost kinda sorta forgetting what you’re doing it all for.  A wedding. You’ve been planning a wedding to the love of your life for X amount of months, and now it’s game time. But you can’t lose sight of what it’s all been about: your love, your relationship, a future full of health, wealth (hardly the most important, of course), and happiness. So, making sure your S.O. knows you’re as ‘all in’ as you were on your ‘YES’ day is so important. Whether you do it with an old-fashioned love letter, call them on the phone to pour your heart out, engrave something extra special on the inside of their wedding band, or keep it saved for your vows, you’ll undoubtedly find a way that works for you to let you partner know how much you love them.

Something that’s really trending RN, though, is brides and grooms writing short+sweet love notes on the soles of each other’s shoes. Soulmates, solemates. Get it? Yeah, it might be a little too cheese for some, but we absolutely LOVE it - if you couldn’t tell already from our utterly adorable repost. I have to say, this would have been really interesting for me and my guy, because his handwriting is horrendous, but it probably would have kicked my ass to wear the shoes a hell of a lot longer than I did. Just to keep the moment and memory alive.


That’s what brings me to this: 6 things to write on the bottom of his or her shoes that are guaranteed to bring ALL the smiles, tears, laughs, maybe even some feels down there ((who says brides and grooms can’t get a little dirty on their wedding day?)).

OH! And of course, you need to be OK with getting those shoes a little dirty. Jimmy Choos and Louboutins are usually kept real far away from anything potentially ruinous, but in this scenario, a little permanent marker can only make them more valuable. AREWERITE?

You’ve got this, CAUSE I'VE GOT YOu

To piggyback on what I already said about my hubby’s horrible penmanship, plus my ever-growing hate for heels, I think it would have been super cute had my groom written something about always stepping up to help me get through the day… including our wedding day, when I failed in 4-inch Kate Spade pumps. How sweet for a husband or wife to show their lover just how much they love them, know them, and understand how hard they try to impress, so when they’re actually ready to call it quits on the frontin’ front, they can be sure their wife or hubby is there to support them/to [have] and to hold them up, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do they part. 

Can’t wait… 

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Most of the time, couples end up swapping shoes and giving each other a few days to write something from the heart, before taking them back (committing to no peeking), throwing them into a shoe bag, only to be removed on the actual wedding morning. So, we love the idea of a bride or groom writing something along the lines of “I can’t wait to walk down the aisle and meet you at the end” or “I can’t wait to see you for the first time and know that by the end of the day, we’ll be Mr. & Mrs., officially.” Can’t wait to “kiss you,” “hug you,” “have you take my last name,” those all work, too!

Of all the steps we’ve taken

Taking some inspiration from a popular father-daughter dialogue, something that I know my sister is using for her wedding and my best friend used to go along with a gift she gave to her father. The idea that “of all the walks we’ve taken together, this is, by far, my favorite.” Couples can use similar wording - as in “of all the steps we’ve taken together, I know this next step will be the best.”

Since you proposed…

For any ambitious men or women who have and/or regularly wear FitBits, this one is pretty cool. You’ll just need to commit to this before getting engaged / because there is a little more to it. Once you get engaged, use that day as Day 1 and track the amount of steps you take (every day) from then until the day you get married. In your sole note to your S.O. write something that, in essence, says “since you got down on one knee and asked me to be yours forever, I’ve taken 3,000,000 steps (or whatever, I have no idea the # of steps the average person takes in a day), and that is nothing compared to the days, months, years, and decades of steps I look forward to taking with you.” 

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Hope you’ve been breaking these in

Another adorable idea is for one person or the other to take the ‘dancing shoes’ reference and run with it. Perhaps with a note that says “I hope you’ve been breaking these in, because I’m ready to own the dance floor later tonight. See you there!” or “I’ve been practicing my steps like crazy, so I promise I won’t step on these gorgeous shoes of yours. Can’t wait to dance with you!” Might even be a great opportunity to share a lyric from the song you’ll dance to for your first dance, something you both can recognize immediately.

Baby steps

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This is for the dreamers, those who are already imagining a bright future with their soon-to-be spouse. It usually starts with a sentiment about being best friends, partners, closest confidants, and then moves into expectations about their life together. The home they’ll build, the children they’ll have, the memories they’ll share, and the years they’ll spend growing up and growing old with each other. All starting with “baby steps.”

And if nothing else profoundly moving comes to mind, there’s nothing wrong with at least a P.S. about how excited he or she is about seeing that garter belt… Legs up, spread eagle, with a lot of 😉😉😉😉. Someone is bound to appreciate that!!!


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