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5 TOP TIPS on Pre-wedding Fitness

get in shape for your wedding

We have a special treat for you today! We know you want to look your best on your big day and we've got Jill Penfold who happens to be the creator of  LA Bride Body the Bridal Body Fitness Program. Read on to get motivated for a healtier life!


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Your Nutrition is key to getting a healthier and fitter body. When I first meet a Bride-To-Be we immediately discuss food, meals, dietary choices and goals. They all work hand-in-hand with each other. I’m going to give you my top 3 tips on nutrition for a head start in getting your body ready for your big day. 

1. CLEAN EATING- When anyone mentions Clean eating people often get confused. There are a lot of diets about, that encourage clean eating, but very few people actually understand the concept. Clean eating is deceptively simple. It’s about eating whole foods or ‘REAL’ foods. Food that has had minimal processing and handling. Vegetables, Pulses, Organic meats/fish. Try to choose foods that are in their most natural state. (Bread/Pasta/Pastries etc are all man-made….Just an FYI. Time to give them up for a while). 

2. REFINED SUGAR - At the very beginning of your Transformation it’s important to begin the sugar detox. Our bodies do not benefit from refined sugar in any way, shape or form. It’s addictive and only spikes our insulin levels followed by a sugar crash, leaving us tired and hungry. Choose food options that offer you energy and convenience. Nuts are a great way to curb your hunger and you’ll benefit from an energy boost and incredible nutritional content. 

3. WATER INTAKE - Your body is 90% water. You have to help it out by constantly hydrating and maintaining a level of hydration that allows your body to function optimally. Not only will you feel a difference, you will see a difference almost immediately.

Prep your body to workout

bridal workout ideas

Start with a simple warm-up. Never underestimate the benefits of preparing your body to workout. Increasing your heart rate and core temperature is vital for allowing your body to work at its potential and the muscles and connective tissues to work without restrain and reducing the possibility of injury. Imagine an elastic band in the freezer. Warm it up and it will be more elastic, just like the muscles before exercise. 

Haven’t been to the gym in a while? Here’s a quick circuit for you to try at home to get you read to begin your training.

60 seconds of each exercise. Follow with 60 seconds of rest. Complete 4 Rounds.

Jumping Jacks
High Knees
1/2 Burpee

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Using small dumbbells will offer resistance to your muscles and therefore increase the amount of energy necessary to perform a certain move or exercise. This effort or output will force the muscles to exert energy and in turn will cause a reaction in the body to increase muscle mass in order to move the weight more easily. 

This doesn’t happen over night but with repetitive efforts, the muscles of the body will begin to increase and improve in strength. That will result in a sculpted and toned body. I recommend using low weights and high repetitions. We are aiming for lean muscle mass not bulk. Many women fear getting ‘Bulky’ when asked to weight train. This is a myth. In order for the body to get ‘Bulky’, one must be on a specific style of training with a diet to support the increase in body size. Weights are a great way to help the body look strong and healthy. Weights are an important way to maintain a healthy and independent lifestyle.


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Always incorporate cardio style training in your weekly workouts. Burning calories is the way we shed excess weight alongside our nutritional choices. We need to burn or use the calories in order to get rid of them. They are an energy that we use. Cardio is also our route to a FITTER and happier lifestyle.

By working out and sweating with a high heart rate we are training the heart to pump more effectively. Each time I put a bride through a workout I make sure she is pushing HER limits and improving with every workout.


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Eat for your abs. Found underneath the skin of the stomach there is a panel of abdominal muscles that are there to support our upper body, stabilize and protect our spine. Abs strengthen through resistance training like crunches, sit-ups and core work, they are also 90% effort in the kitchen. The skin covering the abdominal area will reduce with a regular nutrition plan and workout guide.

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