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5 Tips from a Miami Floral Studio

5 Tips from a Miami Floral Studio

Choose your venue carefully 

There are a lot of choice that you’ll make planning your wedding, but the most important choice is your venue as it will have the biggest impact on your wedding. Why? Many venues require you to choose from their list of vendors. So if you have your heart set on a certain florist or caterer, make sure that your venue will allow you to work with them before booking. Marrying outdoors? 

5 Tips from a Miami Floral Studio

Prepare for weather 

Florida may be the Sunshine State, but it actually rains a lot here! So make sure that you have a plan. Talk to your venue about rain plans. If it’s windy, ask your florist and you caterer how they plan to anchor décor and linens. If it’s cold, consider adding heaters or ordering blankets. You want to be comfortable during your special day! 

5 Tips from a Miami Floral Studio

Use Pinterest as a guide 

The clearer you are on your wedding style, the easier it will be for your vendors to create something perfect for you. That means looking for inspiration. Start a master Pinterest board and go nuts pinning, then whittle it down to just 20 pins that you really love. Show your edited board to your vendors so they understand the overall vision. 

5 Tips from a Miami Floral Studio

Don’t get hung up on flower types 

Did you find the perfect bouquet on Pinterest? You can ask your florist for an exact copy, but that’s risking a lot. Flowers are seasonal and subject to availability, so it’s unlikely that every bloom in your inspiration photo will make it into your bouquet. Focus on form and feel rather than specifics and give your florist freedom to make substitutions that will keep your aesthetic beautiful and in-budget. 

5 Tips from a Miami Floral Studio

Don’t be afraid of color 

Traditional couples might want to stick to floral hues that are blush, cream, and white, and can be beautiful! But you’ll want a bit of your personality to shine through in your décor. Choose a couple of colors that you like that can be woven into the florals, linens, and décor. Even a little hint of some additional color is enough to really make your wedding stand out.

5 Tips from a Miami Floral Studio

Summer has us swooning for over-the-top #realwedding inspiration. After so much time inside, who wouldn’t want some impressive décor at their wedding? And that means fabulous florals everywhere. One studio has captured our heart on Instagram with its personality and beautiful work. Here’s why The Bride Candy by Christopher Plaza is THE studio for fairytale flowers for a storybook wedding.

Christopher Plaza has been in the floral industry for over 10 years, and is nationally known for his whimsical, tropical, and romantic floral creations. With The Bride Candy, he travels nationally to do on-site floral installations ranging from natural and understated to grand and opulent. His studio offers services local to small weddings as well as elopements. And as part of the new normal, the studio also offers a preserved bouquet + boutonniere package than can be shipped anywhere.

The Bride Candy is Chris’s Miami-based floral studio that he manages with his fiancé. The name comes from Chris’s philosophy on working with brides. “I LOVE my brides. It’s so important to me to get their vision exactly right and work with them to make sure we can create something beautiful together that feels perfect for them. It’s not enough to just do the design and the flowers. I connect with my brides on a personal level and stay friends with them long after their special day.” And that level of partnership and trust with his brides leads to gorgeous works – he’s been featured in Wedding Chicks, Style Me Pretty, The Knot, Popsugar, Business Insider, and many more publications. “I help celebrate love with flowers because I believe that’s why we are here in this world.”

With the highest quality craftsmanship, Chris and his team produce incredibly beautiful and meaningful floral creations. Chris sources flowers from all over the world to find the perfect unique combination to bring wedding dreams to life. “There’s a little bride in all of us! I live for that moment when my brides (or grooms!) finally see my creations on their special day. It’s filled with emotion, and I love being there to share it with them.”

The Bride Candy

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