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5 Things You Really Never Knew You’d Need for Your Wedding


When it comes to your wedding, you can have every ‘i’ dotted and every ‘t’ crossed ahead of time, but inevitably, something will happen to make you say ‘s***, why didn’t I think of that’ or ‘waittttt does anyone have?’ Being up ‘the creek’ with no paddle might be a cute photo opp, if you’ve got that rolling hills / garden / forest al fresco vibe going on while you exchange vows, but it’s definitely not ideal IRL. So, we partnered up with the premier wedding insurance program in the U.S., WedSafe, to roundup some of those lifesaving things you just might want to have in your back pocket (or your groom’s, that is) for the big day… 

Extra undies.

Okay, speaking from experience, I was SOOO lucky that I packed an extra thong (TMI, I know, but I refuse to let any future bride go commando on my watch) for my wedding day. I spent weeks researching the perfect lingerie to wear under my gown. And what I ended up buying wasn’t cheap - by any means. Well, when I finally put my dress on, and realized that the ridiculously-expensive, rosy nude ‘seamless’ underwear just wasn’t a match for my fit and flare silhouette, I freaked out for about 10 minutes before remembering that I had a thong (my favorite, actually) in my weekender. It worked, was flawless, and cost me nothin’. Make sure you just throw one or two of your fave undergarments into your overnight bag. You never know when they might need to be put in… Game day decision ✔️


A second pair of shoes that aren’t flip flops.

Pretty heels are kind of imperative for every bride - though we still aren’t sure why, maybe we just have a Carrie Bradshaw Manolo Blahnik-coveting chip embedded somewhere real deep in our subconscious. But on my wedding day, I took off my 4-inch pumps halfway through my ceremony, and then spent the rest of the day in comfy, but totally unmatching sandals. Sure, they would have looked great with a maxi dress and denim jacket, but with a wedding dress, no. Thankfully, my photographer didn’t need to see my feet exposed again, but I should have really had a nice pair of flats that were functional AND fashionable. Just in case we needed some captures with shoes in the scenario. 

Instant cameras.

Yes, you booked a photographer / likely even a photo team. But what if midway through your day, one of the shutterbugs gets sick and has to ✌️? You’ve got one photographer on YOU duty. Snapping your first dance, toasts, cutesy little candid moments that you’ll cherish forev. But what about those scene shots that proved that you had guests and they had a kickass time celebrating your nuptials? Having just a few insta-cameras and lots of extra film scattered throughout the reception space can help the cause. Just have your DJ or emcee make an announcement that there are cameras around and they best be used!


Lowkey cool down details.

Soooo, I won’t kid, literally two of my bridesmaids almost passed out during my 1+ hour-long church ceremony. The priest just casually forgot to turn on the AC - and had the sun streaming in from the ceiling windows not moved from my sister’s direct line of vision or my mom not been there with a few legit Lifesavers for my best friend to suck on after she sat down, completely dazed, we would have had some serious issues. If you’ll be getting married at your reception venue, see if the caterer can have a refreshments station set up (maybe mocktail versions of your signature sip or even just some infused H20) - so your guests can hydrate before heading into your ceremony. And while you’re at it, invest in some simple paper fans. You can find cheap ones in bulk, and your guests will so appreciate it. They’ll be happy and well taken care of, you’ll avoid any 9-1-1 collapsing chaos. All good things!


Wedding Insurance.

Your wedding is a huge investment, and with WedSafe, you can have some peace of mind knowing that your investment may be protected. WedSafe is the premier wedding insurance program in the United States, providing quality coverage and service excellence to thousands of brides and grooms. Knowing firsthand all the things that can go wrong on your big day – such as unpredictable illnesses, severe weather and vendor issues – WedSafe is a way to safeguard your investment should the unexpected occur. Basically everyyyything mentioned above is insurance, insurance and ‘just in case’ accoutrements to ensure you get hitched without a hitch. But really, wedding insurance, especially from a place like WedSafe, has the potential to be the only thing you need when you consider all of these safeguards. Well, except for the underwear and flat shoes. WedSafe probs can’t wave a wand and get you out of an ill-fitting undergarments scenario or an uncomfortable footwear faux pas (unless you end up breaking an ankle because those sky-high heels were a hellish decision), but panties and pairs of shoes are a personal thing. So, leave them out of it!!

As for everything else:

  • Issues with vendors showing up (i.e. a photographer) or bailing on the terms of a contract (one less photographer than you paid for)
  • Wedding guests going down due to negligence on behalf of the ceremony venue or reception venue (remember, my bridal party was minutes from passing out, on the altar… because our priest had a ‘whoopsy’ with the air conditioning?)

These can easily be avoided by getting insured. And it doesn’t even have to be a decision you come to early on - you can purchase your insurance up to the actual day of your wedding. So even if you wake up that morning and just get a weird feeling, bad juju if you will, you can CYA in minutes online. Really, minutes…


It’s as easy as choosing a coverage level based on your total wedding budget, a composite of what you’ll spend on your venue, your gown, wedding rings, caterers, florals, photographers, and any/all other deposits and purchases you stand to lose in a worst-case scenario. You’ll want to know that your financial investment is protected. And that might not be something you thought about in the process of planning your wedding, but you’ll for sureeee need it if things go south.

These customers had no regrets. 

And for basically the cost of a wedding guest and some - averaging around $200 for comprehensive coverage - it’s kind of a no-brainer to invite WedSafe to the wedding.

“User friendly website, quick and easy. Peace of mind was worth every penny.”

“WedSafe offered everything our venue needed covered for liability insurance, plus cancellation insurance for our own peace of mind. Requesting 'additional insureds' (required by our venue) was easy and quick via email after we purchased the insurance on the website. Fingers crossed we don't have to use it!”

“WedSafe was great. They allowed me to get event insurance for my wedding about a week before. Most importantly, my venue had some additional insured requirements and WedSafe was really accommodating to that. I spoke with their customer service which answered immediately and all I had to do was send a follow up email with the information I wanted added and then it was done. They also had some of the better prices I saw during my search.”

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We partnered with WedSafe to share these tips on how to safeguard your best day ever. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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