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5 Reasons Why Spending Your Wedding Eve Apart Is So Smart

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As I sat down to write this, I was imagining what the amazingly-soon-to-be Duchess of Sussex might be doing right now. It’s well after midnight just across the pond, so with any hope she’s either fast asleep or laying in bed, looking up at the ceiling, with her heart palpitating, her anxiety kicking into overdrive, and a bottomless glass of Tignanello (or any royal wedding-worthy cocktail, really) at her bedside, at the ready… For when emotions - whether excited, happy, scared to death - just get to be too much. That would make her #allofus.

All this being said, Ms. Markle is spending royal wedding eve with her mother at the Cliveden House Hotel, while her future hubby shacks up with his big bro and Best Man, William, at the Coworth Park Hotel. Now, we’re not saying that we’re on board with any of the superstitions surrounding sleeping in the same bed the night before the wedding, BUT if the season finale of Grey’s last night taught us anything about the domino effect that can be set off by blowing off all those ‘bad luck’ beliefs, then maybe tradition shouldn’t be toyed with. 

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As someone who decided to spend my wedding eve with my mom, sister, and cousins, towns away from my fiancé, I totally get the appeal. We had been living together for years before and after our engagement, so it had nothing to do with any notions of pre-marital misconduct. It was just nice to have one night apart before we’d be saying ‘I Do’ to forever togetherness the next day. And that’s just one reason why the scenario is kind of genius…

You can mellow out with mama.

This week, leading up to the biggest event of her life, hasn’t been easy for Meghan. She’s had to grapple with the fact that her father won’t be walking her down the aisle after all, and make alternate arrangements - ultimately deciding to be escorted by her future FIL, Prince Charles. But thankfully, she’s had her mama by her side since the earlier part of the week, to help with last-minute errands, meet with members of the royal family, etc. And if there’s ANYTHING all brides can agree on, it’s how comforting having MOB on call the night before the wedding can be. For pep talks, prosecco toasts, trips down memory lane. She can help you keep your chill, and make sure you’re prepared as much as possible for the next morning - when all the crazy commences.

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You can spend some extra time with your best girls.

I had one of the best nights with my crew the night before our wedding. We crammed five people into a small suite that shouldn’t have fit more than three people, comfortably, but it was totally fine. We watched some reality TV, talked about how we’d have all of our hair done the next morning, discussed who’d be showering first and what time everyone’s alarms would start going off. And my younger, modelesque-tall cousin ended up getting kicked out of bed to sleep on the floor, because she was hijacking too much of the comforter. It was fun, nostalgic, and well needed. The morning was a complete shit show, but that’s all part of the beautiful, bach-shit crazy memory!

You can get last minute things done without distractions.

Pretty sure Meghan Markle’s personal secretary is taking care of any and all last minute things before tomorrow’s big event, but even with a wedding planner or rockstar maid-of-honor handling stuff the night before the wedding, it helps if a bride can be point person on her own. For me, it was making sure I could collect all eight of my bridesmaids’ cash payments for our glam squad - so that we wouldn’t be scrambling in the AM with half of our faces made up and our hair halfway to curl town. A night in with your babe is always wonderful, but they can be ridiculously annoying sometimes, and when you’re in crunch time, sometimes it’s better just to say buhbye, see ya tomorrow. Distractions are a no-no on wedding eve. Except for the night-cap. There’s always room for a night-cap. Especially when it comes in the form of a full-bodied red, right Megs?

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You can create two distinct ‘getting ready’ vignettes for your photographer.

Prince Harry and Meghan are staying at two different luxury hotels tonight, each with their own vibes. At the Cliveden House, it’s all about glamour and intrigue - enriched with antique furniture and period pieces - and it has a spa scene to end ALL spa scenes. At the Coworth - which boasts beautiful polo fields and a more modern country feel - it’s all about relaxation and revitalization. They’re both standout setups, but offer different experiences (for both the bride and groom, and what they’re after on the night before the wedding) and different settings for 5.19 photo sessions. Not sure where the couple’s photography team will be starting their captures, but the fact that Meghan and Harry are splitting up gives them two photogenic places to begin their photography and cinematography for the day. For many nonroyal couples, this is common practice too! Whether the snaps begin at the bride and groom’s childhood homes, or two hotel suites, it can go a long way for piecing together a full prologue of the days events.

You can heighten anticipation for the first look and wedding night.

And let’s not forget - absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? Well, if you’re spending your last night single sans your partner, there’s a good chance you’ll be missing them like whoaaaa when you wake up. All signs point to an epically-anticipated first look and a wedding night that will be wellllll worth the wait! 😉

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Oh. And one last thing. You’re going to be stressed, whether you’re the bride or the groom. Surely, you’ve seen your partner frenzied before, but this is your wedding day, it’s next-level nerves. If you decide to spend the night apart, you can hide the hysteria from your other half. It’s not necessary, of course, they’ll love you regardless, but why not just give yourself a night to decompress and show up to say ‘I Do’ as your best self. Plus, iffffff you’re going to sleep without your snuggle partner, you could always find a way to relax… Brides and vibes

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