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5 Reasons a Microwedding Might Totally Work for You

Microweddings are one of the biggest trends right now.

Last week, The New York Times landed on our radar for reporting on a trend we’ve been big fans of for quite some time: the microwedding. As its name suggests, the microwedding is still a wedding, but scaled down significantly to welcome 10 to 15 witnesses, at the most. While it might sound like elopement, it’s actually more of a marriage of the trappings of a traditional wedding, with a much smaller guest count and less overwhelming circumstances altogether. And to be honest, these weddings kind of get our vote as the GOAT. Remember how amazing Julia Stiles’ shotgun wedding was last month? She didn’t seem to shy away from the microwedding motives of a budding bride-chilla. 

You might be a match for the more minimalist approach to matrimony if…

You’re looking to save some SSS

5 Reasons a Microwedding Might Totally Work for You

Whether you’re a novice at nuptials or a virtuoso at vows, it’s not hard to understand that the biggest slice of the wedding pie is eaten up by the venue + catering costs. These can increase exponentially when the guest list is growing, so nipping the numbers in the bud as soon as you can is a great place to start. Less people means less of a need for all the things: plates of food, favors, flowers, accoutrements for a big bridal party. You can avoid big ticket budget-busters like banquet halls, chateaus or elaborate estates that can be hella expensive and extravagant by renting out a private room in your favorite restaurant or throwing a Insta-pic-worthy picnic in the park. It’s really a no brainer if you’re looking to lighten the load on your wallet.

You’re getting warped by all the wedding planning stress.

Microwedding Ideas

Alright, the last thing that should happen once you’re newly engaged is to start getting completely wrecked by the pressure of wedding planning. At the end of the day, the most important part of the whole thing is to make a lasting commitment to your partner in crime - and if you’re already regretting saying yes, because of the stress. Stop. Right now. Instead, think about your priorities and cut and paste the things you can’t live without into your microwedding. If you can hardly imagine exchanging vows in anything less than a couture dress, then make sure you don’t compromise. If it’s a creative cake you’re craving, then book the best pastry chef you can find and enlist them to imagine a confection cookie-cut for your small soiree. Whatever you do, just make sure you’re never feeling too tense about tying the knot

You’re not excited by the idea of making it
official in front of outsiders.

5 Reasons a Microwedding Might Totally Work for You

Not every couple loves the idea of getting married in the presence of hundreds of people. For real, it’s like performance anxiety at its finest - especially when you’re professing your love and stringing together the most intimate sentiments towards your S.O. in front of a great deal of strangers (yah, it happens if you have loved ones helping to finance the wedding and they have guest requests). A microwedding is the perfect scenario for being able to share the special day with those you love the most. You don’t have to worry about pleasing anyone and you can set the pace for the day without needing to consider the mindsets of the masses.

You’re GIFted in the social media department.


Okay, so you won’t be inviting a huge rolodex of guests. BUT, if you’re particularly savvy with social media and have a photographer/videographer team who are skilled AF, you can create assets of your maybe-aisle-absent affair to post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Maybe even consider live streaming the occasion to share it with those who may have been offended they weren’t part of the first-string wedding draft pick. If you’re comfortable uploading the details of your day with virtual voyeurs, then you very well can wed in a micro manner.

You’re not exactly city hall or off-the-grid marriage material.

5 Reasons a Microwedding Might Totally Work for You

Despite the stress of planning and the wantingness to wed outside of the [bridal] box, if you’re not thrilled by the idea of tying the knot at city hall or jet-setting to a secret locale to seal the deal (a la Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander), then cross eloping off your agenda and embrace the microwedding motif. You might have family members or friends who will literally write you off their lists - hopefully not, but it’s not out of the realm of possibility - if they aren’t invited to the wedding or clued into the news. So, eloping and showing up to the next get together as newlyweds might royally piss everyone off. Yes, it’s YOUR day, and no one else’s prefs should be priority - but keeping the peace is also of paramount importance, especially when it comes to a monumental thing like marriage.

Hey chicks, let us know if you’d be game for a microwedding… and if you’re already married, keep the notion of these nuptials in the back of your mind in case you ever want to rock a vow renewal. The trend was kind of made for this occasion. AMIRITE??? More than 15 guests? 10 Tips for Planning a Destination Wedding from a Real Bride.

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