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5 Must-Know Wedding Planning Tips from Mindy Weiss

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"Despite what’s going on in the world right now, there are a few steadfast rules that I like to live by to make the wedding planning experience as enjoyable, memorable, and as FUN as possible! Here are a few of my favorite wedding planning tips to keep in mind during a pandemic and beyond."
- Mindy Weiss

We couldn't be more excited that Mindy Weiss is here sharing her tips with us and our readers. Not only is Mindy an iconic Wedding and Event Planner, but she's also an author, sought-after speaker and a product curator and we're thrilled to be sharing her words of wisdom with you. You may recognize some or Mindy's work from clients including Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin, Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi, Russell and Nina Westbrook, and the Kardashian family. Keep reading from Mindy's Must-Know Wedding Planning Tips.

1. Budget is always the first step in wedding planning! 

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Take some time to enjoy your engagement; don’t rush to the web to start planning. But when you do begin the process, the first step is your budget. Make a dream guest list and get real about the amount of money you’re willing to spend on the wedding. Don’t start shopping until you know how much your wedding budget is! 

2. Hire a wedding planner, budget permitting.

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Wedding postponements have proven more than ever how important it is to have a wedding planner by your side to be your advocate (and friend!). I suggest couples hire their wedding planner within the first month of getting engaged. Doing this ensures the couple doesn’t make any quick decisions about the wedding that may not be what they want in the end. Once the wedding planner is in place, the fun begins!

3. Make your ceremony a priority!

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I wish someone had reminded me that the most important part of the wedding day really is the ceremony. Most couples don’t think enough about their vows. Don’t rush this step, take your time to do it right and make it meaningful. Then on the day of, make your ceremony a private moment and go social media free. Take that time to validate the love between you two and allow guests to fully experience the moment. The fewer the phones out, the more present everyone will be (and the better your professional photos will turn out too!).

4. When things get stressful, keep your perspective.

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Couples should pick their battles. Always think before reacting and remember what’s really important when planning a wedding. Keeping your cool will ensure everyone around you does too and whatever is going on is less likely to escalate.

5. There are always elements you can skip,
if the budget requires it.

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If need be, forgo a favor. So many of them get left behind if you do have them. But if you do opt to have a favor, plan one that gives back (like a donation to the couple’s favorite charity) or give something living like a plant or seeds; people tend to take those at the end of the night. Anything that’s useful during this current pandemic is also a good idea, especially for safety at your event.

What wedding planning tips have you found most helpful leading up to your big day? I love to hear from couples! Feel free to share with me at @mindyweiss!

Mindy Weiss

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