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3 Reasons You’ll Love Making Your Wedding Photo Album Yourself

3 Reasons You’ll Love Making Your Wedding Photo Album Yourself

Once you get the link to your wedding photo gallery, you won’t be able to stop looking at the pictures. Like, we can’t even stress that enough. Think Michael Scott when he’s telling Holly that when he discovered YouTube, he “didn’t work for five days,” in fact, he did nothing except for watching “Cookie Monster sing Chocolate Rain about a thousand times.” That’s the extent of obsession you’re going to feel when you finally get special password access to your best day ever and can sit and reminisce for minutes, hours, days… But after a while, having to look at the pics on your computer or phone gets a little too tedious and being able to flip through the memories in something tangible guarantees a much better time. We chatted with the team at MILK Books, who believe that the best memories aren’t meant to fade away on the “cloud” – they’re meant to be saved, celebrated, and most importantly shared, and together we came up with a fantastic list of reasons why you’ll want to make your wedding photo album yourself. Let’s get into it!

You’ll have more options to spotlight your special day

I love my wedding photo album, really, I do. But at the time (seven years ago), my husband and I were limited to the three (maybe?) photo book options our wedding photographers had in their repertoire. They weren’t curated at all, to be honest, they just satisfied the most basic, mainstream “wedding album” aesthetics. Your precious photos deserve to live in a book that you absolutely love. If you don’t like the look of a high-shine, glossy book, you shouldn’t have to settle on one. If you’re turned off by albums that barely ever stay open (bookmaking fail, if you ask us), then you don’t need to test it out with your own wedding as the template.

MILK, instead uses traditional bookmaking techniques and the latest print technology to create the world’s finest photo books and albums, each with their own unique sparkle and shine.

3 Reasons You’ll Love Making Your Wedding Photo Album Yourself

They have:

3 Reasons You’ll Love Making Your Wedding Photo Album Yourself

Premium Photo Books – 200 paper pages, stunning fabric hardcover, art paper pages that open to lay near-flat, superior section-sewn binding for lasting strength.

Premium Photo Albums – which represent their most popular product for newlyweds – Crafted with weighty, thick board pages, flush mounted to lay completely flat, with linen, buckram, leather or vegan-friendly leather cover options.

Wedding Magazines – their newest product and probably the most modern and elegant format, which looks and feels like a professionally-designed 100 to 200-page editorial.

3 Reasons You’ll Love Making Your Wedding Photo Album Yourself

You’ll have the convenience to do it when you want to

Apart from being able to design your photo book or album “your” way — from the completely customizable page count (and that’s major, btw, photographers’ book selections usually cap the page count at 50, maybe 60 - and additional pages cost $$$$), cover design and fabric, and page layouts — you can do it on your own time without the pressure of having to schedule a post-wedding mockup meeting.

When you’re able to relax, put on some music, pour some wine or whatever spirits get you in the mood to be creative and playful, then you’ll be in the best position to mint a wedding photo book, album, or magazine that you’ll forever be proud of, 100 percent. And about that ‘pressure’ point… your photographer will, of course, always be working in service of your best interest, but when you’re working alone — just you and your new spouse — you can choose the photos YOU love best. The photos that truly bring to life all the emotions, passion, excitement, apprehension, worry, and wonder you felt on that day. You’ve been writing your love story from the beginning, so why bring on another author now?!

3 Reasons You’ll Love Making Your Wedding Photo Album Yourself

You’ll have opportunities to save money, in a big way

We get it, when you’re meeting photographers and making decisions about who you’ll trust to shoot your big day, it’s always nice to see wedding day packages that include a wedding album (maybe even clone albums for your parents). But in most circumstances, you won’t be able to “negotiate” the expense of your album and they’re pretty pricey.

3 Reasons You’ll Love Making Your Wedding Photo Album Yourself

But, being able to do it on your own, with an online design studio like MILK’s, comes with savings and pre-purchase perks. You have the ability to pre-purchase MILK’s most-loved products at up to 40% off. By pre-purchasing, you’ll receive a discount code via email that you can redeem when you’re ready – giving you up to six months to create your photo book or album. And why might you want to do that? Well, it’s a great solution for those of you who haven’t received your wedding photos yet, are still a few months away from getting married, or just want a little more time to design your special keepsake!

3 Reasons You’ll Love Making Your Wedding Photo Album Yourself

In case you need more proof about the process… 

And you also can look through some of the real-life albums designed by recent newlyweds (and see more on their Instagram feed on the daily!)

“Creating my wedding album on MILK Books was a simple process from start to finish. It was quick and easy to upload my photos and then it was just a matter of dragging and dropping pictures into the pages. I loved being able to change the layouts and amount of photos on each page as well as choosing the paper finish and cover material. 10/10 would recommend!” ~ Felicity

“Amazing! Absolutely gorgeous wedding album. Thanks!!!” ~ Tess

“MILK Books was very easy to use, the program was intuitive and allowed for us to create our wedding album just the way we wanted. The quality of the album is fantastic and it will allow for us to cherish the memories of this special day for many many years to come.” ~ O&L

3 Reasons You’ll Love Making Your Wedding Photo Album Yourself

MILK’s words… not our own… but my goodness we are HERE FOR IT ALL

Sometimes it can feel like your world is moving too fast: suddenly the days disappear into weeks and the weeks into years and it all begins to blur. And sometimes, in the middle of all of this, there will be a moment — be it a smile, a word, a kiss - that brings you back to life and reminds you of the good in the world. And it’s that moment, the glimmer of hope, that is worth celebrating. We strive every day to help you to create a book that is worthy of those moments.

Preserve your special day in print and start designing now!

3 Reasons You’ll Love Making Your Wedding Photo Album Yourself


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We partnered with MILK Books to bring you some motivation to get your album in order. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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