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10 Delicious Wedding Cake Alternatives

Wedding Cake Alternatives Photo:

If you’re reading this, we want you to know this is a safe space…it’s ok if you don’t like cake. You’re not alone! In fact, more and more couples are choosing to forgo the traditional wedding cake in exchange for some seriously delicious alternatives. If you’re struggling to come up with something that tickles your tastebuds, we’re here to help. From milk and cookie bars to the super-trendy donut cake, we’ve got something in here for everyone.

Check out this wedding where the couple served flaming donuts in addition to having a churro cart, or this one where the couple went with pie instead of the traditional wedding cake.

Cake Pops

Wedding Cake Alternatives Photo:

Not only are cake pops super cute, they're practical too! Serve them instead of cake or in a cute package as a favor.

Cream Puff Tower

Wedding Cake Alternatives Photo: Harwell Photography

This cream puff tower is something to behold. If you're looking for a cake alternative that brings the drama, this one is for you!


Wedding Cake Alternatives Photo: Beatbox Portraits

Churros are a serious crowd-pleaser and there are plenty of wedding vendors that are cornering this niche in the market. Consider having a churro chart pull up during your reception or cocktail hour as a sweet surprise for your guests. 

Dessert Bar

Wedding Cake Alternatives Photo: Bridget Rochelle Photography

Why choose one dessert when you can have them all? With a dessert bar, you're guaranteed to have something that everyone will enjoy.


Wedding Cake Alternatives
Photo: Erica J Photography

How cute is this waffle cake? It would be perfect for an early afternoon wedding with a brunch menu.


Wedding Cake Alternatives Photo: Crinti’s Restaurant

If you're having a good old-fashioned Italian family-style dinner, you can't go wrong with this epic cannoli pyramid!


Wedding Cake Alternatives Pie/Photo: Bijou’s Sweet Treats

Pie is the perfect cake alternative for a fall wedding and we love this tiered approach!

Cinnamon Rolls

Wedding Cake Alternatives Photo: Haley Richter Photography

This has to be one of the most creative wedding cake alternatives we've seen! Pair these cinnamon rolls with a mimosa and you're golden.


Wedding Cake Alternatives Photo/Cheese: Tentation Fromage

For couples who don't have a sweet tooth, a stacked cheese cake is a must. Present it tiered like this and then have it served with signs, baguettes, and crackers and let your guests sample all of your favorite flavors.


Wedding Cake Alternatives Photo: @laombrecreations

As far as presentation goes, it's hard to beat a classic macaron. We especially love this chic tower with fresh flower details.

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