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10 Alternative Songs To Walk You Down The Aisle On Your Wedding Day

beyonce walking down aisle

Here comes the bride ... all dressed in white ... but wait what if you don't want to wear a white gown? What if you don't want those loud organs blaring in your ear? What if you want to walk down to something new and exciting? Something maybe no one has walked down the aisle to before. Hey, a girl can dream can't she? 

We have compiled a list of some songs, new and old, that can really set the mood for the moment you walk down the aisle. Songs that are a little more romantic, and maybe more exciting than your typical Bridal Chorus anthem. Read on to see our 10 Alternative songs to walk you down the aisle on your wedding day.

Nothing Can Change This Love

The first song that comes to mind is by the late and great Sam Cooke, "Nothing Can Change This Love". What is more romantic than being told, "You're cake and ice cream. Oh, you're sugar and spice and everything nice. You're the girl of my, my, my, my dreams?" He is killing us softly with assuring us that Nothing Can Change This Love. 


Come Home

Next on our list is a love song with a soft hypnotic melody. Although it only being 6 years old, the song definitely has more of an older dreamier feel. The song is called "Come home" by the band Amatorski. The vocals of both Inne Eysermans, and Sebastiaan Van den Branden really set the tone with sweet words like, "My mind is always on your side, I see you all the time. With love, for you."


Fade Into You

We're suckers for a warm guitar riff that makes us feel butterflies as if we've just fallen in love all over again for the very first time. "Fade into you" by Mazzy Starr does just that. Hope Sandoval's voice just drowns us in unconditional love and she can softly guide you down the aisle. You are sure to have heard this song in the 22 years it has been around! Damn, 22 years ... that was crazy for us to add up!


All Of Me

A timeless piece created for those of us who are effortlessly in love and continually striving for passion in our relationships. Although a cover that Billie Holiday sings so true, "All of me" was originally performed  by Ruth Etting, we prefer Billie Holiday's version because her passionate voice has us dreaming and keeping us warm through all ups and downs. 


Just Like Heaven

The next song we chose is a tribute to The Cure by The Vitamin String Quartet. Their song "Just Like Heaven" has always been a classic 80's song. Robert Smith's words ring true when we hear him softly sing, "Spinning on that dizzy edge I kissed her face and kissed her head and dreamed of all the different ways I had to make her glow." This song is great for brides who still want to take on the traditional symphony type song.


Black Hole Sun

We are about to geek out super hard right now - so pay close attention. Some of us may or may not have indulged in watching the new HBO hit series called Westworld this year, but we did. Turns out the composer who paid tribute to all of the songs on the Westworld Soundtrack is the same composer who wrote the music for Game of Thrones Season 6. His name is Ramin Djawadi. Those of you who watched will know that his melodic tones carry out the most beautiful sense of magic. Naturally, the next song we chose is played by him and it will also fulfill a brides want of keeping a traditional instrumental type song. The song is called Black Hole Sun. Originally a rock song of the band Soundgarden, Ramin Djawadi's touch on this song makes it nearly poetic yet still vibrant. We can definitely see a bride gleaming down the aisle to this song.


Trust In Me

"While there's a moon, a moon up high. While there are birds, birds to fly. While there is you, a you and I, you can be sure that I love you." It's almost like Etta James just wrote your vows for you! Her song "Trust In Me" is a notable classic. The song screams passion. Walking down the aisle to Etta James would be quite a memorable experience. If you are going for more of a retro vibe for your wedding here are some retro style hair do ideas!



Now for something slightly more upbeat in the R&B world of Rhye. Comparable to the beautiful voice of Sade she can effortlessly walk you down the aisle and give your guests butterflies at the same time. Her song called "Open" begins with an intriguing  yet classical set of strings that leads you to her soft voice. Meeting eyes with your love while walking down the aisle could definitely be a memory of your dreams.


Vision of love

Despite all the controversy and the hate we are die hard Mariah Carey fans. With classics like Always Be My Baby, and Fantasy how could you not be? So this next suggestion just may be for our 90's dream wedding where we are walking down the aisle as if we are in a music video and of course standing before us is Ryan Phillippe at the alter. *sigh* "Vision Of Love" by Mariah Carey can definitely help set the tone for your truest diva moment. Don't forget the diamonds!


Sin Ti

Let's sail away for a minute to your destination wedding on the beach, with your closest loved ones and what other than a Trio of Mariachi playing for you. Our last but certainly not least song is a classic Spanish ballad. "Sin Ti" sang by Los Panchos is nothing short of one of the most romantic songs to have been written. Serenading us with words like, "Without you, there is no mercy for my pain, the hope of my love, at last you are taking it away. Without you." Just crushing our hearts!! You can find the full translation of the lyrics here.


Everyone loves weddings because you are surrounded by so much love. It's the reason for everyone getting together and enjoying themselves. Your wedding is a day of celebration! Music can really set the tone for how your guests are feeling,  and a good DJ is crucial. Here is a list of 30 songs we love to hate, but are probably sure to get people dancing! 

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