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Say Yes to a Holiday Proposal + Hearts On Fire On Your Finger

Hearts On Fire Holiday Sparkle Engagement Rings

Anyone who says that they wouldn’t like to be proposed to during the holidays is obvi lying!! Why? Because there’s just so much ✨this time of year, even IF it’s mixed with a little craziness. For the most part, everyone is merry, spirits are niceeee and bright, and when you throw in a sparkly new piece of jewelry on that finger, well… the festivity is just on 🔥🔥🔥. Our friends at Hearts On Fire tend to agree, and they just so happen to have the most incredible engagement jewelry to add to that dream Santa-season-sparkler scenario. If you’re hoping for a Polar Express-inspired proposal, then you might want a diamond that’s equally as magical. And Hearts On Fire has it.

Here’s what we know (and love) about HOF

They sleigh at sparkle. Seriously, they hand select only the highest-quality, transparent, and knot-free natural diamond crystals for their pieces. And diamonds that meet these rigorous standards are rare, so rare that only 1/10 of 1% of the world’s rough diamond crystals can become a Hearts On Fire diamond. Yah, cream of the crop doesn’t even cover it, kids.

Once those pristine gemstones are discovered, they’re cut and polished at 100X magnification (10 times the industry standard). That kind of scrupulous precision makes a difference that you can see, and that’s one of the reasons why their diamonds sparkle so much more than other diamonds. If you’re familiar with the basics of the 4Cs, you’ll know that cut is the most important and greatest influencer of sparkle. So, when your cut is Hearts On Fire flawless, your sparkle is off the charts. 

Hearts On Fire Sparkle Engagement Ring

Why these diamonds jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bells rock

Every snowflake may be unique and different in its own right, but every single Hearts On Fire diamond, even their tiniest accent diamonds, has their signature Hearts & Fireburst pattern, responsible for giving it that incredible and consistent ‘twas the night before Christmas twinkle. The pattern is a result of their cut, which is designed to let in as much light as possible for an exceptional and most magnificent radiance - not unlike the effect the Rockefeller Christmas tree has when it’s, at last, all lit up. It’s their promise that every diamond in an engagement ring or any piece of HOF jewelry will shine with signature brilliance.

Hayley Paige is a super fan, so you know what that means

When the queen of sparkle, no, sorry, the queen of fiercely-feminine [jack] frost-ing is on board with your brand, you know you must be killin’ it! And they are. So, in the event you still weren’t convinced about how good a HOF engagement ring is for that dream holiday proposal of yours, just let this Hearts On Fire by Hayley Paige Collection reminder dance around in your head…. Like sugarplums. 😉

Hearts On Fire Diamond Engagement Rings

Shop our favorite diamond engagement rings, guaranteed to come with all the tinsel-worthy sparkle you can handle and if an e-ring isn’t what you need RN, then peep all the diamond jewelry from their Holiday Gift Guide! Everything they’ve got makes our ‘nice’ list!

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We partnered with Hearts On Fire to share all the sparkling engagement rings and holiday gift guide goodies for this season. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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