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5 Ways to Hang When You’re Single Over the Holidays

Ways to Hang When You're Single Over the Holidays Photo BY:

We’ve gone through our Halloween costume post way too many times (and why wouldn’t we, it’s obvi great). But in doing so, we were reminded that prettttty soon our feeds are going to be flooded with photos of cutesy couple costumes and relationship goals references - and it’ll only start snowballing from there. Once Thanksgiving arrives, proposal season kicks off; then, December hurries in the holidays, forcing droves of happily-hooking-up folks out to the malls, ice skating rinks, Christmas tree farms, to wreak havoc on those not-so-spoken-for. It should be the ‘Most Wonderful Time of the Year,’ but for the guys and girls who are straight-up single, it can be a total nightmare (before Christmas).

Whether you’ve barely been broken up for a minute, decided to part ways with your bae months ago, or haven’t wanted to make that commitment yet anyway, flying solo can sting during the holidays and it’s not hard to see why. Your Facebook newsfeed is bound to read like a regular who’s-who of the so-engaged this time of year, and you’re probably one couple awkwardly smiling while holding a Charlie Brown Xmas tree (hashtag first Christmas together) away from going on a hot toddy bender and never coming back.

But before you bolt your doors, binge on break and bake Pillsbury, and embrace Grinch status IRL, we’ve put together some tips to help you make it out alive. Really, you got this… and if not, hold tight, 2018 will be here before you know it, and then everyone (including those wifed-up) will be wretchedly working on their New Year’s resolutions. Ah, misery really does love company.

Take a hiatus from social media

5 Ways to Hang During the Holidays When You're Single Photo by:

As mentioned above, your social media feed is going to start annoying the crap out of you. With every new ‘went from a relationship to engaged’ status, irritating ring selfie and disgustingly adorable winter engagement shoot, you’re liable to start wallowing and then it’s only a matter of time before you swear off relationships altogether and imagine the kind of laissez-faire life you’d have as a sologamist. Yes… it’s apparently a thing. Instead of reeling in all the real-time announcements of love, take a break. Just a quick one. And say buh-bye to Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat until it’s safe to go back in the water again.

put an embargo on all that 'you're still single?' Talk

5 Ways to Hang During the Holidays When You're Single Photo by:

Sure, you can unplug and block out all of the social reminders of your singlehood, but shutting out all of the unwanted chatter and criticism from your coupled-up friends and where’s-the-ring-trolling family isn’t as simple. To avoid all the interrogating and uncomfortable moments that’ll have you wanting to leave all of your holiday haunts HELLA fast, make the decision to squash your squad’s prattling at the first oh-didn’t-you-see-so-and-so-popped-the-question question. If you set ground rules and guidelines about what you won’t tolerate during Turkey Day or over the Christmas Eve dinner table, then you’ll spare yourself extra grief.

get to know amazon prime

5 Ways to Hang During the Holidays When You're Single Photo by :

One of the worst if not THE worst part of the holiday season is spending time shopping with strangers, many of whom are joined by their significant others. You know them, the ones who literally can’t wait until they’re out of the ridiculously-long register lines to make out with each other in front of everyone. Or, a 180 from those grossly PDA-passionate pairs, the ones who have no problem fighting right in the middle of the stores without a care or concern for anyone around them. Oh, holiday shopping with your honey, if it isn’t a complete a three-ring-circus, did it even happen? Anyhow, to make sure you’re not thrust into the middle of it all, feeling the walls closing in, get savvy with online shopping. Amazon Prime is your friend, and while you’re buying for all of your fam and besties, why not throw some things in the shopping cart for you too. No one needs to know, you single goddess, you 😉

say 'yes' to all the festive functions

5 Ways to Hang When You're Single During the Holidays Photo by:

Okay, we know that’s a scary thought, especially when you can already anticipate being barraged by all the new engagement-ring-wearing wifeys-to-be. BUT, you also can’t stop living your life and ceasing to socialize. In fact, some holiday happenings, like winter weddings, high school reunions, white elephant gift exchanges, Santa Cons (don’t judge - who knows who you can meet while your bar crawling) are great places to pick up other seasonal singles. Fill up your glass of merry mulled wine or holiday spirits and start flirting. This prompt also works the other way around. If YOU want to throw the soirees yourself, then step right up, sister! Get your holiday decorating game on point and take charge by setting up parameters. Either only invite unattached others or ask your already-dating friends to bring an eligible mister or miss (or two, or three) with them. ‘Tis the season for giving, right?

take a trip

5 Ways to Hang When You're Single During the Holidays Photo by:

You don’t have to be someone’s better half to enjoy the holiday season and the much-needed time off that it can bring. Ski slopes aren’t exclusive for snowbirds and beaches were kind of made for bachelor and bachelorettes to find each other. So, by all means, if you need to get away to find yourself or someone else, you do you. Head up to the powder-covered mountains or cruise down to the Caribbean and have some fun while you forget why you were sad you were single in the first place. If you’re not exactly thrilled by the idea of a solo sabbatical, then enlist one of your similarly-unfettered friends.

And if all else fails, and you still can’t stand the idea of dealing with the holidays alone, adopt yourself a special someone. Umm. No. Not an escort…. A PUPPY!!!!!

5 Ways to Hang When You're Single During the Holidays Photo by :

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