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4th of July Bachelorette Beach Weekend

4th of July Bachelorette Beach Weekend

Bachelorette celebrations are a chance for the bride to spend quality time with her girls before the big day, creating memories and getting some rest and relaxation in before the craziness of the wedding takes over! What better way to celebrate the bride-to-be this summer, than a holiday weekend down the shore?

This 4th of July Bachelorette Beach Weekend inspiration shoot designed by Stephanie Williamson and Style Concierge is filled with sweet and fun summertime activities. It includes all of the traditional 4th of July activities that ring true of some favorite childhood memories of summertime at the New Jersey shore. You won't want to miss a single detail included in the full gallery here, all photographed beautifully by Jennifer Larsen Photography.

bachelorettes on the beach with flag fashion for bachelorette party

hello lovely wedding totes champagne favors blue and white wedding stationery

light blue and white beach party invites

Fun New Jersey Beach Activities

Captured right in Lavallette, NJ, some of the weekend activities included shopping at boutique stores, riding bikes on the boardwalk, getting soft serve ice cream on a cone, beach picnics, and of course, sparklers. This inspiration shoot truly captures a perfect summer girls' weekend. Making whole the experience special from the start, Jillian of Bella Carta Boutique crafted a beautiful invitation with a unique presentation. The hand-delivered invites were designed as a personalized box containing an envelope and small invitation.

beach reception palette table

bachelorette party on the beach halo braid hair style

blue and white table set up

Welcome Dinner With Totes

The weekend celebrations start off with a welcome dinner. This beach picnic styled dinner was designed using natural elements, simple table settings and colors that complimented the surroundings. We created a unique and relaxing setting that would make any bride feel special! Welcome gifts for the each attendee were laid out at every seat at the welcome dinner. The adorable Parris Chic Boutique tote bags contained all the essentials for a perfect weekend including: the weekend's itinerary, first aid kit, a fun summer Essie nail color, bride tribe temporary tattoos, and of course a mini champagne bottle to toast the bride! We topped the dinner off with a dessert and signature cocktail station that exuded summer night vibes; complete with cherry pies and a Tequila Blackberry Lemonade.

building sand candles sand candles diy sand candles on the beach

diy sand candles

Beach Sand Candles DIY

Beach Sand Candles: You will need: - Candle Wax - Candle Wicks - Improvised Double Boiler (Or alternatively a Ziploc bag and black container to melt wax with the heat of the summer sun) - Shovels - Sticks - Bucket - Sea glass, shells, or other decorative elements Instructions: 1) Gather shells and sea glass from the beach and rinse them clean. 2) Find a shady spot, moisten the sand to a firm consistency (think sand castle), and dig your hole that will serve as a candle mold. Make sure to tightly pack the inside walls of your candle mold so the shape holds firm. Have fun with different shapes and sizes! 3) Press decorative elements like sea glass or shells into the walls of your candle mold. 3) Melt your wax either in a double boiler if you have access to a stove nearby at your hotel or beach house etc. Alternatively place wax in a Ziploc bag, and put that bag in a black container and leave it to melt in the hot summer sun. Keep in mind, the hotter the wax is when you pour it in the hole, the thicker the layer of sand around your candle will be. If you use very hot wax to create a thick sand shell, you can carve shapes in the outer layer by scraping with a tool, such as a small shovel. 4) Place your wick in the bottom of the candle hole. Make sure your wick is a good bit taller than the top of your candle mold. Use sticks laying across the opening of your candle mold to hold the wick standing straight up and in place.

4th of July beach desserts

tequila blackberry lemonade

Patriotic Decoration Inspiration

We wanted to include an interactive activity that doubled as a creative party favor. The sand candle experience was the perfect way to incorporate the beach elements and create a memory for all the girls to take home. (See DIY instructions above.) And because 4th of July is all about the love for our country and true patriotism, an authentic American flag is a staple decorative piece for any celebration. We truly hope this shoot inspires some of the wonderful bachelorette weekends happening this summer and helps to create many memories.

bachelorette party on the boardwalk bachelorettes playing in the water bachelorette party on fun beach 4th of July Bachelorette sparklers gold bride tribe tattoos

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