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2019 Brides: Here’s One Thing You Need to Have for the Summer

2019 Brides: Here’s One Thing You Need to Have for the Summer

Summer is finally here, chicks! Total MDW vibes on a GORGEOUS East Coast day, if I do say so myself (come on, rarely do we have the prettiest situation outside, let us have it haha). So, now that sunshine is upon us, for at least three, four months, we can’t get our minds off the pool and the beach and anywhere that we can park our 🍑🍑🍑and relax. For brides who are getting married this year - or even next, to be honest - something tells us you have a lot of epic things planned this season: an engagement shoot, a bachelorette party, maybe even a super fun alternative rehearsal dinner? Well, if they involve water, in any regard, you’re going to need appropriate props. Loteli, a new pool float brand based in NYC, has everything you need, brides, so listen up!

Let’s ‘dive’ into the details.

Can’t start without a pool pun first, duh. Alright, so we might have mentioned once, twice, three times before that we take floats very seriously. We love our flamingo floats, we love our champs and/or rosé bottle floats, we even love our engagement ring floats (and when we say it like that, it sounds tepid at best, we actually mean we LOVEEEE them), but we’ve found the cutest, just-inflated - whoops, we meant just-launched - heart floats in the world. And we’re 😍 just thinking about all the ways they can be used by brides this season.

2019 Brides: Here’s One Thing You Need to Have for the Summer

((my sister got married last year and I’ll be celebrating 5 years with my hubs this fall, but just to give you all some perspective on how damn adorable these are, I’m thisssss close to asking my sister if she can kindly return the watermelon and doughnut floats she just bought for her pool so that we can spring for these)).

We’ll all float on okayyyy…

In the words of Modest Mouse, we’ll all float on okay if we’ve got the new Loteli loves locked and loaded. Each float is made from thick, soft-touch PVC with a glossy finish and fade-resistant color. Plus, they feature a top-quality, double ‘Boston’ valve, which enables quick inflation/deflation and helps to prevent air leaks. Here’s how we see them working:

2019 Brides: Here’s One Thing You Need to Have for the Summer

Engagement Shoot.

Summer engagement shoots are everything, and I’m not just saying that because I had mine shot in the summer (although our photos right on the Hoboken riverwalk were pretty👌). No, there’s just something really fun about a beach or boardwalk setting, paired with a couple drippy ice cream cones, cotton candy, a tandem bike, and a cute couple commanding it all. But now that we’ve got our eyes set on heart floats, we’re imagining the dopest and most relaxed engagement shoot ever - a hot couple - with a cocktail in one hand, their partner’s hand in the other. Makes sense, right, since they’ll be “taking the plunge” sometime soon anyway?

2019 Brides: Here’s One Thing You Need to Have for the Summer

Bachelorette Party.

We’ve seen the basic bach paraphernalia before. Fanny packs, temporary tattoos, tanks with “team bride,” “bride squad” or “bride tribe” written on them or iterations of Ariana Grande lyrics to match every girl in the group. But if there’s a pool or an ocean in the picture, there needs to be cool AF floatation devices nearby - and these are the ones we’d want to have at our bach bash. The hearts are cute, of course, but since we’ve been borrowing 90s references for everything “I Do” lately, the exclusive throwback cassette designs (classic and mixtape) are really doing it for us. The Blonde and The Brunette ones are giving us all the Betty and Veronica feels, too, so there’s that…

2019 Brides: Here’s One Thing You Need to Have for the Summer

Rehearsal Dinner.

Okay, so you’ll probably be doing a sit down dinner, with gifts, and toasts - and it’ll be normal and fun (unless you're doing some kind of YOLO yachting adventure). But afterrrrr the traditional type of gathering, you might want to switch things up (especially if you’ll be planning the festivities on-site, at a resort/hotel, and have a pool or beach within close proximity), and go max chill for the moment with your bridesmaids and groomsmen. Whether you want to do the heart floats for the girls and the cassettes for the guys, throw in some boombox-made sound and some light boozing and it’ll be an Instagram-worthy party regardless.

And just when you thought these heart floaties couldn’t get any better, for summer, Loteli will be rolling out (for real, actually rolling out) five new colorways: white, gold, metallic pink, light pink, and clear. Check out the website to join the waitlist and/or shop now on Loteli.com and Amazon Prime.

2019 Brides: Here’s One Thing You Need to Have for the Summer

we love their hearts, so they’re giving us something to ❤️

From now until July 30th, get 10 percent off orders with the code “WEDDINGCHICKS.” Shop now!


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We partnered with Loteli to share our favorite new accessory for brides to look cool this summer. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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