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You’ll Be Blushing Over This Enchanting Forest Wedding In Arizona

blush bridal party

You'll be blushing over this enchanting forest wedding in Arizona! Wait, forests in Arizona? We were intrigued too. Not only did this outdoor wedding, under a lush canopy of trees have us "Ooo"ing and "Ahhh"ing at every turn, it was also beautiful proof that there is more then just deserts in Arizona! 

Keep scrolling to see one of the prettiest pre wedding bridal parties ever! Plus you'll find even more gorgeous shots of this adorable couple on their big day in the full gallery. Amy & Jordan did a spectacular job capturing every angle of this wedding, so sit back and enjoy!

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bridesman mug getting ready bridal party pink bridesmaids dresses wedding jewelry

getting ready with the girls

customized mimosa glasses

soft pink floral wedding stationery

Bestie Bridal Suite

Ummm, how fun does this bridal suite pre-wedding party look?! It's a super chic way to start your day and we are loving the blush and blue details! And who can really say no to hanging out with your besties, sipping mimosas as you get ready for the big day ahead! 

From the Bride: Stick to your guns on the decisions that matter most to you! The weekend Casey and I got engaged, we took some time to sit down and discuss what was most important to us for our big day. We decided ultimately that we wanted our wedding to just feel like us. So, when it came time to choose our bridal parties, we gave tradition a bit of a twist. I actually had a Bridesman join my "I Do" crew and Casey's father was his Best Man. Even though some in our family worried it was a bit unconventional ("oh the photos", they said) - it felt right to us. It was one of the best decisions we could have made. In fact, my Bridesman ended up being with me when I said yes to my dress, accompanied me to ever single dress fitting, and helped me score a discount on my veil to boot! Traditions are wonderful and can have such meaning in your wedding

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blush bridesmaid dresses cute flower girls in white navy short and suspender ring bearers wedding party in navy and blush

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wedding stairs here comes the flower girls just married

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The Perfect Desert Wedding Day

From Amy & Jordan: Lindsay and Casey's lush L'Auberge wedding in Sedona, Arizona was like a forest fairytale. Set in the stunning greenery and red rocks of Sedona, their wedding highlighted the natural beauty of Arizona with blush and blue details. 

For getting ready photos and the reception, Lindsey wore a delicate flower crown, a necessity for any forest princess, but switched to a cathedral veil for the ceremony. We loved that Lindsay incorporated a bridesman, as well as three of the cutest flower girls we've seen. 

Their gorgeous outdoor reception was sealed with a floral strewn cake topped with a heart shaped cactus, the perfect representation of a couple who fell in love in the desert.

outdoor wedding reception

white and rose gold wedding table geode table number rock candy cocktail glasss wedding menus

geode escort card sign geode escort cards geode sign

cactus topped wedding cake

Heed This Wedding Advice! 

My husband's advice is don't sweat the small stuff- if you do you'll miss it all. To say that a wedding can be stressful is an understatement. You spend months and a sizable amount of money to plan this eight to ten hour wedding celebration. If you're like me, you may even have been dreaming about your wedding since you were a little girl. As such, it is A LOT of pressure to put on a day. During the planning process, whenever things get stressful, just take a moment and bring yourself back to why your wedding is happening.... You're marrying your life partner in front of the people you love. Now thats a truly beautiful thing! 

Do a first look! Aside from logistically making the day a bit more manageable, being able to have that private moment with my husband before the craziness of the day set in was hands down my favorite memory of our wedding. It was such an emotional moment for us both. Taking off the pressure of having our friends and family watching allowed my husband and I to just focus on each other and on the commitment we were about to make.

I look back on our wedding with nothing but joy and laughter. I honestly don't think I would change a single thing from the day because ultimately I got to marry the man I love. But disaster would be a good word to describe the following experience. During the last song of the evening, a well meaning groomsman picked me up to hand me off to my husband for the final dance. But, said groomsman ended up slipping taking me along with him for the fall. Needless to say, five (eyebrow) stitches later and a trip to the ER, we really ended our wedding with a bang! So morale of the story is to never pick up the bride unless proper safety precautions have been taken! 

 Watch out for ant hills! While taking wedding photos, I found myself standing over a massive red ant hill. It wasn't until the ants had made their way under all ten layers of my dress that I noticed I had some unwanted visitors. Luckily, I had AMAZING photographers (shout out to Amy & Jordan) and a great husband who rushed forward fearlessly to save the day peeling through layers of my dress to remove the ants one by one. By some blessing, I came away with zero ant bites from the whole debacle. My husband was shocked when I didn't panic going so far as to ask who he was marrying. I HATE bugs. But to be honest, I'd go through a lot of red ants to marry the man I love. 

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