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Wine Country Wedding Venue:Trentadue Winery ~ Planning the Perfect Ceremony

Wine Country Wedding Venue:Trentadue Winery ~ Planning the Perfect Ceremony

Photography by: enLuce Photography

About the venue

A love of the land and generations of farming is what led Leo and Evelyn Trendatue to leave their orchards in the Silicon Valley in 1959 to purchase a remote parcel of 208 acres of land in the (at that time) remote Alexander Valley in Sonoma. The Trendadue family is embedded in the ripe history of this popular wine region, helping the region embrace more modern farming practices such as transition from dry farming to irrigation, which is one of the primary reasons the region began to boom as a major player in agriculture in the 60's and 70's As the wine industry developed, this remarkable family built a home and winery and surrounded its remarkable landscape for their family and friends to enjoy. As is the Italian tradition, celebrating life is just as important as a hard day's work and they embrace every opportunity to host a great celebration. The grounds of the winery are ideally suited for a large outdoor Italian country ceremony for approximately 250 people. You will love the vast, open feel of your ceremony and the one-of-a-kind vista that awaits you on the Grand Lawn. The large and impressive area looks upon open scenery for miles, making you feel at one with nature as you exchange vows and admire the picturesque rolling hills lined with clusters of ripening fruit.
If you are looking for a more intimate ceremony with a bit more structure, you will love the garden area near the lion-head fountain. Designed for hosting ceremonies, the area contains a European pergola overflowing with soft vines and flowers and features a built-in platform. The soaring Redwood ridge fences in the space, giving it a calm, quiet feel. The facility provides white wood chairs which pop against the green, gold, and red foliage of the vineyards, and provides enough space to comfortably seat 100 to 175 guests by the fountain.

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